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What to catch before May in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Northern Hemisphere

As April approaches its end, Animal Crossing New Horizons is again going to see a slight change to its wildlife. In the Northern Hemisphere, only a few fish and bugs are leaving. But you need to make sure to catch them if you want a chance at the golden fishing rod and net. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, then go to my other article to know which wildlife is leaving your island.

Now lets see how many bugs are leaving us in May!

The answer is just one, but it is the most important bug of all: the tarantula. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons released, players have been hunting this bug down so they could sell it and make big bells, and April will mark the end of this. If you have not caught a tarantula yet, you better hurry because these bugs can be a challenge to catch.

tarantula model

Tarantulas will only start spawning after 7 P.M, and you can see them on the ground. They are a rare spawn, so your best bet is to go to islands using Nook Mile Tickets. While you do have a chance at finding tarantula island, it is much easier to make the perfect environment for tarantulas to spawn.

Try to find an island with no rivers, ponds, or cliffs. Flat land makes spawning tarantulas a lot easier. You can still do everything I am about to tell you on islands with rivers or cliffs – those things just make it difficult to catch tarantulas. If you do not have enough tickets to keep re-rolling islands, you might have to settle for an island that has a river or cliff.

bambooisland april animal crossing: new horizons

Once you find your island, cut down all the trees or bamboo, and remove the stumps. Make sure to pick all the flowers: you do not need to dig them up. You will need to pick up all the weeds, though. Then on the stone areas next to the ocean is where you want to dump your inventory of unwanted items. Be warned that wharf roaches will still spawn with items there, so you’d have to scare them off still.

You can also relocate all the flowers to the corner of the island, since they cannot be dropped.Then tarantulas will start spawning in no time! There will be a lot of mole crickets, but these should not effect your tarantula spawns, so you can ignore them.

Just be careful, because tarantulas can knock you out. I have a tip for you to make catching them easier. First watch the tarantula – it will not be in its attack pose all the time. When the tarantula lets its guard down, its feet will touch the ground. You can move slowly during this time, and it will not attack you. Then stop moving as soon as it raises its legs again. Doing it this way takes more time, but ensures the catch.


Now lets move onto the fish that are leaving at the end of April, which are the dab, swordfish, and tuna. The dab is a common fish, so it should be no problem to catch. It is a size three fish and can be found in the ocean at any time. The tuna and swordfish will be more of a challenge.

The tuna and blue marlin have unique spawning conditions making them difficult to catch. They will only spawn next to docks, including the dock next to the airport. The best way to get one to spawn is by using fish food. However, since there are a variety of fish, your chances of spawning one are low. Luckily they are the only fish with a size 6 shadow at the moment, so you can easily identify one when it spawns.

bluemarlin april animal crossing: new horizons

There is a way to increase your chances of snagging the tuna and swordfish, and it’s once again by using your Nook Mile Tickets. Before embarking, make sure to stock up on plenty of fish food to make the hunt easier. You have a few options when it comes to island hunting.

First, you could just go to any island and use fish food off the docks. It does not matter what time you go, as swordfish and tuna spawn at any time. Be warned though, there is one island where the only thing you can fish up is trash. Trash island always has a river in the middle of it leading to a lake, so you can recognize it easily.


Just using fish food off the docks of a mystery island should be enough to find what you need. But if you are having difficulties, you can try searching for two specific islands. These islands only spawn fish sizes four or higher. This will make it easier to spawn the tuna and swordfish, since it will cut off the chances of spawning smaller fish like the dab. If you find this island, you could even get an oarfish!

The first type of big fish island can be identified, because it has three cliffs with a river running from the highest cliff all the way to the bottom. This river does not connect to the ocean, so it cannot be used to catch sturgeon once they are in season. This island is great for farming rare river fish that only spawn in cliff rivers, as well as hunting the blue marlin and tuna.

rareriverisland1 april animal crossing: new horizons

The second big fish island is flat, with a circle river that does connect to the ocean. This island is not as good as the first for now, since there are not many expensive river fish in season at the moment. You can still use it to farm lots of blue marlin, since those go for 10,000 bells a piece. The tuna on the other hand only sells for 7,000 bells.

Those are all the animals leaving us at the end of April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now that you know these tips for catching those rare critters, you will get them in no time. Good luck filling up your Critterpedia on your journey to the golden tools!

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