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What to catch before May in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is going to see another change in its wildlife as April comes to a close. This change is different for the Southern Hemisphere, as they are losing a lot more than the Northern Hemisphere. If you want to know the Northern Hemisphere changes, check out my article going over everything there.

Now lets see what bugs and fish are leaving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons when April ends.

The full list of bugs leaving includes the yellow butterfly, bell cricket, red dragonfly, darner dragonfly, banded dragonfly, stinkbug, man-faced stinkbug, ladybug, tiger beetle, and scorpion. Many of these bugs are common, so you should have no issues catching them.


Some of the dragonflies may give you a run for your money due to their speed, but there is a simple trick to catch one. While they are fast, they do not have unlimited stamina. The fasts dragonfly is the banded dragonfly. If you see one, just keep an eye on it – after 3 or 4 bursts of speedy flight across the land, it must take a short rest before it can go flying off again. So just follow the dragonfly until it runs out of stamina, and it is yours.

The only other bug that will give you trouble is the scorpion since it is rare and dangerous. Scorpions are one of the few bugs that can knock you out. Due to their rarity, the best way to find them is by going to mystery islands with your Nook Mile Tickets. There is a special scorpion island that has a higher spawn rate for scorpions. But if you are not lucky enough to find it, you can make your own scorpion island.


The ideal island for this is one that is flat and with no rivers or ponds. I know you can get unlucky with your islands though, so you may have to settle for one that does have cliffs, rivers, or ponds. If you clear out the island, it will increase the chances for scorpions to spawn. All you must do is cut down all the trees and remove their stumps.

Next, pick all the flowers so no flower insects (such as the man-faced stinkbug) can spawn. Make sure to pick up all the weeds, since they prevent bug spawns, and pick up anything else on the ground such as sticks, wood, or rocks. Once you have everything cleared, dump it on the rock platform near the beach.  Then you simply must scare away any bugs you see that are not scorpions, and they will start showing up in no time!

clearland april animal crossing: new horizons

Catching scorpions can be tricky though, and they are a tad more aggressive than tarantulas. But there is a simple trick to catching them. Like the tarantula, scorpions too drop their guard occasionally. Whenever the scorpion has its pincers lowered is when you can slowly approach it. As soon as it raises its pincers, you must stop immediately and wait. Any movement when the scorpion has its guard up will result in getting knocked out.


That covers all you need to know about the bugs, now onto the fish. Again, there are a lot leaving us in May, so I am going to start with the river fish. The tilapia, angelfish, rainbowfish, and betta are leaving. Of these fish, the angelfish and rainbowfish are rare, while the tilapia and betta are common. The rainbowfish can only be caught between 9 AM and 4 PM, and is the smallest fish, making it easily recognizable. It may take you a few tries though, as there are other size one river fish at this time.

As for the angelfish, this is a size 2 fish found between 4 PM and 9 AM. The best time to look for it is between 5 PM and 8 PM though, because it shares a spawn with the piranha. The angelfish is incredibly rare still, so your best bet would be going to a mystery island and scaring any fish that are not size two, since mystery islands have higher fish spawn rates than your island.

Now onto the ocean fish that are going away, which are the moray eel, ribbon eel, giant trevally, and mahi-mahi. All these fish have unique qualities to know. The eels have a different shadow than all other fish: theirs are thin and long, making them easily identifiable. Both are the same size and can be found at any time. The ribbon eel is the most common, while the moray is slightly rarer, but not so rare it is hard to find. So catching them should take no time at all.

eels animal crossing: new horizons

The giant trevally and mahi-mahi are a different story. These fish only spawn near docks – including the dock by the airport – and are rare. Both have a size 5 shadow, so they share a spawn with the most common ocean fish: the sea bass. Even with fish food, it can be hard to find them on your island. Instead of wasting your fish food on your island, I highly recommend using your Nook Mile Tickets to go to a mystery island.

You can use fish food on any island to find the giant trevally and mahi-mahi, just make sure you throw it off the dock. All mystery islands do have better spawn rates for rare fish. Be warned though, there is one island where you can only fish up trash. So I suggest checking the waters first before you start using fish food.

mahimahi_trevally animal crossing: new horizons april

There are also two mystery islands where only fish size 4 or bigger spawn. This is the ideal island to hunt for these fish on, allowing you to maximize the use of your fish food. The first big fish island has three sets of cliffs, with a river running from the top cliff to the bottom.

The second big fish island is flat, with a river in a circle shape that leads to the ocean. You do not need these islands to catch the mahi-mahi or giant trevally – any island will do. But if you want to try your luck, these islands are amazing for farming expensive fish to sell.

rarereiverfishisland animal crossing: new horizons april southern

The final fish leaving at the end of the month is the catfish, which is only found in ponds after 4 PM. I only mention it last because it is quite common in ponds, making for an easy catch.

There you have it, all the critters that will be disappearing after April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With my tips, you should be able to catch them all in no time and fill up your Critterpedia with ease! Good luck!

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