4 Big Brain Overwatch tips for new players

Learn from my mistakes

Welcome to the giant community of Overwatch: it doesn’t matter how late you were, you’re here now. You may find yourself wondering what things you should be paying attention to while you’re playing, and what can make your experience more enjoyable. That’s where you’re in luck because I have played the game and suffered through mistakes that you can learn from.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re struggling at first, Overwatch has many moving parts to it. There are many theories on how to win games, but it really comes down to practice and knowing your hero. First, you have to figure out what hero you play best as, because each character has their strengths and weaknesses. I found that some heroes were easier for me to play than others, and for no specific reason, I was just more comfortable with them and their abilities.

Turn your mic off

I know, one of the best parts about playing a game with other people is talking to them. Just trust me on this. When you’re just starting out, there are going to be a lot of seasoned players who are going to do a lot of talking that makes you feel inferior to them. It makes the game less enjoyable while you’re learning the ins and outs, and may deter you from playing completely, just so you don’t have to deal with the harassment. Once you start to build up your confidence and you understand the game better, if you want to turn it back on, I say go for it. But while you’re learning it can make for a toxic environment.

Don’t stand still

In a lot of shooter games, standing still is acceptable. More than that, it’s what people commonly do while they’re taking fire from enemies. That’s an urge you’re going to have to fight while you’re playing Overwatch. There’s a reason other players are constantly running around or jumping. It’s a lot harder to hit a moving target. On the reverse, if you see someone making the mistake of standing still, take advantage of it.

Hero Swap

Swapping heroes

It may be tempting to swap your hero out with a different one if you’re feeling defeated using your main. Maybe the game isn’t going the way you’d like it to, and you’re dying more than you feel you should be: I get it. But you’re going to be on teams where people have been playing long enough to know their best heroes, and it’s something you should consider. You may want to be a specific hero… but only have a 40% win rate with them. Consider your team’s odds of winning if you made that choice.

On the other hand, if your team is lacking in a specific area, it may be beneficial to swap out your hero to fill the gap. Often, the situation you are in will dictate whether swapping is a good idea or not.

Knowledge is the Ultimate power

There are plenty of YouTube videos that will tell you about each hero and how they can be used in the game. Watch them all, even for heroes you never intend to use: you need to know what they are capable of when you go against them.

Certain ultimates are best used against specific enemies, and the best time to use them is when you’re countering an enemy. Much of this is just something that has to be learned over time playing the game, but if you do your research on the hero before you play as them, you’ll know when to use their ultimate and who to use it against.

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