5 Overwatch ultimate combos to help you climb in rank

If you’re anything like me — a more-or-less average Overwatch player who’s hard stuck in mid-gold, who more often than not finds themselves solo-queuing some competitive games at two in the morning, and somehow doesn’t gain SR by the hundreds every time I play — you might be wondering where you can improve. The answer is you can’t. You’re perfect the way you are and don’t let any trash silver player tell you otherwise. But if you still want to climb and get that coveted platinum ranking or, dare I say, break into diamond, then your success lies in the people you queue with. Solo-queuing will only get you so far without buying an entirely new smurf account to reset that MMR, so finding a solid support player to carry you in your DPS adventures or a sturdy tank to protect and lead the team will do wonders for your win rate. Keeping this in mind, when you’re looking for someone to pair up with it’s important to take into account the possible ultimate combos you can use to win those crucial team fights and save the game for everyone. With all that said, let’s dive into five ultimate combos that might help you be the hero your Overwatch competitive game needs.

1.) Rally-Blade

First off is the combo of Brigitte and Genji, to create an armored cyborg ninja. That in itself already sounds pretty deadly, but let’s examine how this combo actually works within an average game of Overwatch. Recently, my dear support character Brigitte received some pretty intense nerfs, mainly in that her repair packs no longer give excess armor once the target has reached full health.

The current Overwatch League patch doesn’t have this change so you’ll still see a lot of Brigitte being run to help protect flanking heroes such as Tracer and Genji. However, even without the strength of the excess armor dealt out whenever it was needed, Brigitte can still bring some damage mitigation to the fight with her Rally ultimate. Giving just a little bit of extra protection to your Genji as he’s blading is the difference between an EZ team fight and a humiliating reset.

If you have more than two people in your party, try pairing this with a Zarya for her bubble, or even an Orisa for her Supercharger. Just make sure not to use too many ults per fight if you want sustained success throughout the match.

2.) Bob-Window

This Ashe-Baptiste trick is one of the more interesting Overwatch utimate combos, because it generally happens by accident more than on purpose. A DPS player and support player both ult at the same time with no communication, and everything seems to just fall into place. Ashe is a very in-meta hero right now due to her mid to long range damage capabilities and her Dynamite, which when thrown accurately can lay down some constant damage and easy ult-charge. Lately Ashe is being picked over more traditional long range heroes such as Widow or Hanzo on a number of maps.

In a similar vein, Baptiste is a must-pick support hero for a lot of high-level comps almost purely due to the power and versatility of his Immortality Field. In fact, one Overwatch League caster went so far as to call it almost as powerful as an ult in its own right. It’s not Baptiste’s only use, though. His Amplification Matrix can be very strong when used correctly. When Bob is thrown into the fight and Baptiste’s window maximizes all damage going through it, both offense and defense on the point become a piece of cake.

3.) Molten-Flux

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve rarely seen this one work very well due to counter support ults such as Transcendence, Sound Beat, or even just Baptiste’s Immortality Field since that’s basically an ult now. But if you are able to coordinate this combo, then I’d highly suggest trying it out even if it’s just for the memes.

Hero bans in Overwatch

Sigma is a very commonly picked and versatile tank in the meta right now, because he’s ideal for double shield comps along with Orisa. On the opposite end, Torbjorn is a new meta pick in the Overwatch League Asian Pacific region, to counter dive characters like Tracer and Winston. His Overcharge helps him survive dive attempts and stay alive while also protecting more vulnerable healers with his turret.

This is how the combo works: use Sigma’s Gravitic Flux to clear the point, then paint it with molten magma to finish off the half-health victims. For anyone who’s still alive, bust out Torb’s hammer to get those sweet, sweet hammer kills.

4.) EMP-Barrage

This one is a little different from the other Overwatch ultimate combos on the list, in that the pair are two DPS heroes rather than two heroes of differing types. This might make consistently winning your team fights harder due to the fact that using both DPS ults at the same time might be a little overkill in some scenarios. A lot of the time a sneaky Pharah ult will do just as much damage as an EMP-Barrage at the cost of only one ult, saving the EMP for another time.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where the double shields you’re playing against just seem a little too strong, an EMP might be just what you need to get through. In the current meta, Sombra fills a very interesting niche, in that she isn’t really played. Building ult charge while there seem to be shields everywhere can be difficult, and Sombra is a difficult hero to effectively master in general, no matter what SR level you’re at. However, as long as you can effectively contribute to most fights by hacking ability-intensive enemies like Doomfist or Baptiste, and dealing damage in the backline by taking out crucial supports, I say go for it.

A lot of teams probably wouldn’t be expecting a capable Sombra harassing them, and if you’re lucky, they won’t know how to counter it, leaving you to wreak havoc. As for Pharah, she’s another hero that can only be used in very specific environments: usually open air places with elevated cover to play around. Illios Well comes to mind, as she can take cover around the big Windmill. Paired with a Mercy pocket, this could be an unstoppable trio of Overwatch heroes on the right maps, and learning how to use their ult combos will pay off.

5.) Nano-Blade

This is a list of Overwatch ultimate combos, so you knew this was coming. This is the combo that everyone has been using since Ana was released as a hero back in July of 2016. With the new Genji buffs, Jeff Kaplan himself has breathed new life into the Nano-Blade, which has shown up in all levels of play, from bronze all the way to pro matches in OWL. One of my favorite tweets from a professional Overwatch player about this specific combo is from KSF of the Los Angeles Valiant. 

Clearly, the excitement a Genji player feels when nanoed is contagious. I also have a friend who may or may not be becoming a Genji main due to the recent buffs, and whenever I’m online late at night, he’ll ask if I want to duo with him as Ana just to carry him with my nano boost. We have fun, and we get wins – and with this combo, you can too.

There’s not much to say about this combo that hasn’t been said already. The increased damage and damage resistance make a nano-blading Genji truly a force to be reckoned with.

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