5 unreleased heroes we would love to see in Overwatch 2

The calvary is here!

With the upcoming release and hype that is surrounding Overwatch 2, one question still remains: what heroes will be in the game at launch? Besides returning heroes from the current roster, the only new addition we know about is Sojourn. However, there are a whole lot of unreleased Overwatch heroes we know of from early concepts, so here is my speculative list of the ones we could see (and would like to see) in the sequel.


First up, one of the characters that I think would be the coolest is an old one called Frost. According to the Overwatch Wiki, this hero would have had a very diverse set of skills including an Ice Axe, an Ice Patch, and an Ice Wall that is now used in Mei’s kit.

Overwatch PTR

As someone who loves ice-based powers, I find Frost to be a great hero to add! Some adjustments may need to be made to make sure that Frost isn’t a duplicate of Mei, but with that out of the way he has the potential to be a great character.

Jetpack Cat

Ah, the ever-elusive and popular feline hero: Jetpack Cat! This was a canceled hero for the original roster. After the release of Brigitte and finding out about this character, many fans have wanted to see the addition of Brig’s notorious feline partner.


All jokes aside, Jetpack Cat has the potential to be a unique face on the Overwatch 2 roster. Much like Wrecking Ball, Jetpack Cat would control its flying mech with its paws. The lore behind this hero suggests that after becoming intrigued by Brigitte’s armor builds for her furry friend, Jetpack Cat (actual name pending) eventually gave in to its fate and took up the mantle.

Of all the unreleased heroes we could potentially see in Overwatch 2, this one is pretty high on most players’ wishlists.


While there isn’t much information on this character, the overall design of her alone is one that really interests me. The only listed ability for this hero is called Mouth Beam, and from some concept art that features Recluse using her powers, she appears to be in some kind of mech.

The Wiki also mentions that she appears to have the ability to project shields and summon waves of robotic drones.

Overwatch Recluse concept unreleased heroes
Early concept art of Recluse.

This kind of kit would allow for a very unique off-tank on the roster, and somewhat reminds me of Sigma. When she was shown off at the D.I.C.E 2017 conference, game director Jeff Kaplan silenced the rumors that this person was going to be hero 24 – which actually ended up being Orisa. Recluse also bears some resemblance to the notorious Junker Queen.


Something that I hope is considered more in Overwatch 2 is the addition of support heroes. As someone who has become a full-time support player, I would love to see more love for this role. One of the scrapped ideas that would be a cool addition is Rashi, who has three listed abilities with somewhat generic names: Damage Beam, Strike, and Mass Heal.

According to the Wiki, her name may come from a word in Hindu astrology, “rāśi”, which is Sanskrit for “part”.


Now we move onto another favorite of mine: Helio. He appears to have lightning-based abilities for DPS and also support capabilities to keep your teammates up. He has three listed abilities: Electro Maces, Healing Light, and Protection.

As mentioned before, I think another healer added to Overwatch would be great, and Helio has a very unique design.

Overwatch unreleased heroes

One interesting fact about Helio is that he seemingly appeared in the Recall animated short, as did Sojourn. It was a very brief appearance, and he had a different visor and armor design. With all of the tiny bits of information we have about him, I already think he would be fun and unique. I would love to see him added to the roster in Overwatch 2!

What do you think of these scrapped and unreleased hero ideas? Who would you like to see added into Overwatch 2? We want to hear your thoughts and opinions – let us know in the comments!

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