Four players to learn from in Overwatch Widow headshot lobbies

Overwatch Widow Headshot lobbies are a staple for DPS players looking to warm up their aim before a night of sweaty competitive matches.

As a Tank main for life, I’ve stepped into a few sniper lobbies only to be immediately dominated and forced to leave. For Wesley, my friend group’s resident DPS lock, it’s a ritual to play at least two or three warm up matches of Widow HS before even thinking about Quick Play, let alone Ranked.

After hearing him lament the cast of player types he has to face, I shadowed him to see what exactly goes on between 200 IQ Widow players in those fierce matches. Here’s four players you’ll deal with in a Widow HS lobby, and what to learn from them.

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodgers

Widowmaker Headshot Lobbies in Overwatch

These kinds of Overwatch players must have hands that go a mile a minute. They spam every key they can just to try and get the advantage over you in a fight, hitting A and D to jiggle around as you desperately try to lock on to their head while they line up yours. Then, just when you think you’ve got them, they mash crouch and drop before taking your head off. Sometimes, they’ll jump from side to side to throw your aim off further. While a good Widow player will be able to compensate, this technique is super effective against snipers like myself who overthink their shots.

If you can’t trust your own aim, you may need to employ the same tactics to keep yourself alive long enough to line up shots. Sometimes the only way to deal with these types of players is to just fire and trust you can clip their hitbox. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time winning these aim duels if the enemy Widow’s movement won’t stop distracting you.

The Jumping Spiders

How to hookshot Overwatch Widow Headshot Lobby

Widow’s most important ability in her kit is her Grappling Hook. It allows her to pull herself across the map quickly and grants her unique degrees of maneuverability. Strong snipers will use the Hook to pull off mid air trick shots. Other players will use it to force you to break your wrist trying to flick to them.

It’s a powerful technique to avoid getting instantly one-tapped. Flinging yourself away forces your enemies to move their mouse fast to try and catch you out. If you’re confident, you can even spin around midair to try and secure the kill. If not, you still have the advantage of your opponent needing to re-acquire you, giving you time to land and start shooting.

Hook-shotting is an incredibly important movement technique to learn. Avoid hooking directly towards an opponent and aim to hookshot to fly over them. People play for keeps in Overwatch Widow headshot lobbies, so any small advantage is worthwhile. Practice your flicks as you learn to fling and fire, and you’ll find yourself dying less and killing more in no time. 

Creepy Crawlies All Over You

Overwatch Widow Headshot Lobby movementtips

Know you have no chance in hell of beating your opponent? Take them by surprise and get nice and personal. These players throw the idea of a duel out the window by bum rushing you and hoping to take your head. If you’re not prepared for them, you’ll lose sight of them and die in the process. Every little movement translates to more ADS movement when you’re scoped in. These players will throw every trick in the book at you just to close the gap. Hookshotting, crouch spamming and sprinting towards you is all on the table as long as it breaks your focus long enough.

Good tracking and keeping cool when Widows get too close for comfort is the key here. If you can see them starting towards you, start moving too. Try and use your own hook to put some more distance between you and your foe. This will give you some space if you’re not confident taking fights that close, but may leave you exposed as you flee. If you can’t escape, flickshot to where you think they’re going to be. It requires equal parts luck and skill to pull off some sick close range headshots.

The Itsy Bitsy Head Hitbox

Overwatch Widow headshot lobby gameplay

You round a corner and can’t believe your eyes. A Widowmaker sitting right out in the open, aiming down sights without any idea you’re there. You pause for too long to line up the perfect headshot. But just as you pull the trigger, their spidey senses tingle. They move slightly, you whiff hard and they wheel around to put one right between your eyes. Every. Single. Time.

Nothing to do here but work faster. No need to line up the perfect shot when a lazy one that hits their head hitbox does the trick just as well. It takes two ticks of the Widow’s Kiss ADS charge to kill a 200HP target in Overwatch. Train your muscle memory to fire when you know you have enough charge to secure the kill.

“Micro flicks can be used to avoid missing sitting ducks,” says Wesley, “Having your crosshair near the head hitbox so you can flick to it once the time is right helps avoid you focusing too hard on the head and psyching yourself out.”

There’s no such thing as a certainty in Overwatch Widow headshot lobbies. Take that to heart and don’t hesitate to click heads. Otherwise, you’re doomed to screw up “sure shots” and get sniped in return.

Along Came a Spider

Learning from players in Overwatch Widow headshot lobbies

Winning sniper duels can make or break a victory for some teams. Overwatch Widow headshot lobbies are a great way to warm up and practice your aim against other snipers you may see in quick play or ranked later on. Adapting and taking gameplay strats from other players will help diversify your strengths as a Widow, and earn you more eliminations and more Ranked SR.

So hop in a lobby right now and start grinding. Soon that gold Widow’s Kiss that you bought with your Competitive Points so long ago will be put to good use.

With text contribution and footage from Wesley C.

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