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How to get your enemy on the ropes

Ashe fills an interesting niche in Overwatch‘s damage roster. She has a little less range than Widowmaker, but can scope in. McCree can fire faster, but can’t put as much distance between himself and the opponent. On top of that, Ashe’s Dynamite ability brings the zoning power of Junkrat to the table. Where do you stand with all that power? Welcome to the 1st entry in the Overwatch Positioning Guide.

Effective Range

Ashe is a 200 HP DPS hero who shines in mid to long range engagements. Her Viper rifle can output solid damage within 30 meters, about the distance from Hanamura A to the attacker’s choke. Past that range, you aren’t going to be as effective, and may want to consider switching to Widowmaker.

Overwatch Positioning Guides Ashe

If you position yourself any closer, you aren’t taking advantage of Ashe’s range. Heroes who can scope in like Widowmaker and Ana will have a difficult time fighting in close quarters, and Ashe is no exception. Although she can hip-fire her gun, it comes at the cost of damage. For tight maps like Oasis University, consider swapping to McCree instead.

Positioning for Abilities

One of the strongest parts of Ashe’s kit is her Dynamite ability. When thrown, the explosive can be shot mid-air to detonate. Otherwise, it will detonate on the ground after a short time. Anyone caught within Dynamite’s blast radius will take an immediate burst of up to 75 damage, followed by burn damage for 5 seconds. Dynamite functions best when used to soften up targets before hitting a clean shot. Use it when opponents have to travel through a small portion of the map, or are grouped together.

Overwatch Positioning Guide Ashe
An unlucky Symmetra gets caught in the blast from Dynamite

Make sure the position you choose gives you places to lob Dynamite from. The best place to use this ability is on the high ground. A good place for any sniper is above your enemy, in a place they either can’t reach or have to use abilities to get to. Ashe’s Coach Gun is perfect for quickly re-positioning herself. Simply aim at the ground and jump, and you can reach a majority of places in the game.

Keeping elevation between yourself and the enemy is also valuable when dueling other DPS heroes. A general rule is “if you can shoot at them, they can shoot at you.” If you can fire on 3 viable targets, that means those 3 people can see you and fire back. Elevation allows you to use a ledge as natural cover. If you can limit the amount of people who can see you, you gain a massive advantage in duels.

Playing with your Team

At the end of the day, what matters is that you support your team by pressuring the opponent. For close-range Overwatch heroes such as Reaper, this may mean playing clumped with your teammates. For Ashe, it means obtaining an angle to “poke” the enemy. This poke damage can wear down shields, cause your enemy to use important cool downs, or result in an elimination.

Overwatch Positioning Ashe

By using this “off-angle” on Hanamura, I was able to chip away at the other team while they attacked our front line. I used the ledge to back away when pressured by the enemy. Having an effective angle for Dynamite softened targets for our Pharah. They were able to obtain kills, build Barrage, and that ultimate later led us to victory.

The Take-Away

When playing Ashe, make sure to position yourself at mid-range to take full advantage of her sniper build. Use your Coach Gun to put your feet on the high ground. From there, you can lob your explosives and live through more fights. One more thing, it’s absolutely terrifying to see Ashe’s robot ultimate Bob pounce on your team from the sky. If you haven’t played Ashe, have a go at it! Competitive CTF is the perfect place to practice wacky Overwatch compositions and non-meta heroes.

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