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There is a lot that goes into building a successful and competitive console Overwatch team. Before you ask, yes – we do it for fun. There is no money or fame involved. It’s just a small league that currently has eleven teams for the Playstation 4 community, and continues to grow with each season.

I play for a team called Corgi Corps. We’re a group of friends who enjoy this game and playing with each other: simple as that. We struggled in our debut, but still found our way into the finals and eventually won the championship title… two times in a row.

In this article, I’d like to chat a bit about my experience, and hopefully impart some useful info for competitive Overwatch hopefuls out there.

Competitive console life

If you asked us what makes our team so successful, the answer is easy: our teamwork and trust in each other.

Overwatch is a competitive game that requires teams to work and coordinate in order to find the wins that we all crave and strive for. I would even go as far as to say that being in this competitive setting has helped me form closer and better friendships with the people I call my teammates. In order to stay in the running, we play quick play together on almost a daily basis and try to learn and adapt to each other’s playstyle. Doing this really helps build synergy among the various role duos, as well as the overall synergy of the team. Since joining Corgi Corps, I have found it to be harder to play alone.

competitive console overwatch

Every player in the Overwatch community knows how infuriating a random teammate who doesn’t communicate can be. So when I had the chance to play with others that I felt comfortable talking to, I took it. Through that – and Overwatch League – I found my love for the game again.

What is Corgi Corps?

Our team started as a way for us to play in a competitive setting that wasn’t ranked. Being part of this team and league has personally given me the motivation I was previously lacking to truly learn the game and improve at it. During our regular season, we have weekly matches against other teams in our tier as well as scrims for practice. It would be safe to say that our little league is run a lot like Overwatch League, as far as structure for the games and records go.

Our league – dubbed Overwatch Oasis – is divided into three tiers based on the game’s skill rating (SR) system. My team will be in tier 3 and looking to continue our run after our off-season. In the meantime, you could probably find my teammates and I playing other things to take a much needed and well-deserved break from the game we spend so much time on.

corgi corps logo
Designed by Tina Motway / @ZeldaTheGoat (Twitter)

I was introduced to my future teammates through our team owner Tina “Zelda” Motway. We became friends on Twitter through our shared love of the Houston Outlaws in the Overwatch League. After talking to her, I met her group of friends and soon discovered that we all played on Playstation 4. Once I bought Overwatch for the PS4, my journey to become the best player I could possibly be began.

It is strange to think that without OWL or this game, I would’ve never met the people I consider some of my best and closest friends. I have always been someone who is shy and doesn’t put herself out there in person, so that’s why I gravitate towards video games. Here I can be myself without fear of judgment. This team has been a real and incredible blessing in my life – and I have my wonderful friends and this game we all love and hate at the same time to thank for that.

How do I climb?

Ah, the age-old question. Since returning to this community and playing on the PS4 for the first time, I have found my climb to the higher ranks of the game to be a real struggle. Most seasons I have finished in silver, but have also made it into gold a couple of times. The best advice I can give players lower than platinum, would be just to keep trying. Losing games and SR points can be very frustrating and I have personally wanted to give up multiple times because of it. However, you will never get where you want to be if you don’t go for it.

Corgi Corps vs I Need Healing {S3 W9 T2}

Competitive Overwatch is one of those games that you have to put lots of hours into if you want to get to the top of the ranks. If you have someone willing to group up with you, that’s also a good way to get it done. One of the most infuriating things about this game is solo queueing and having teammates who either refuse to listen to callouts, or just do stupid things that throw your games. That also leads me to another bit of advice…if you join the team voice chat: LISTEN TO YOUR TEAMMATES. Communicating your ultimate combos, and what cooldowns the enemy players have or have used, is extremely helpful.

My last bit of advice would be to just keep up with the patch notes. One of my teammates told me that they learned essential heroes that nobody would play so that our team would always have a strong hero. Because of that, they made a huge 800 SR leap across the seasons that they learned projectile heroes and main tanks more in-depth.

Staying up with Blizzard’s patch notes and just continuing to play the game have gotten my teammates and me higher into the ranks. Will it be frustrating? Yes. You won’t win every game and your SR will jump and decrease a lot, but the best thing to counteract that problem is to not give up.

One of my favorite bands – All Time Low – recently released a song called Melancholy Kalediscope off of their newest album, and a lyric from that song has stood out to me a lot when I apply it to competitive play. “You can’t be 100 if you’re only giving 95” – to me, that means you can’t give your best if you’re holding back.

If you’re reading this and currently struggling in competitive, hang in there and don’t give up. You’ve got this.

(If you would like to follow my team and our league, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram by searching @corgicorps.)

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