Overwatch PTR update nerfs Baptiste, Mei and others

A new update for the Overwatch PTR is now available. This patch includes several exciting nerfs that could impact the current meta. Highlights in nerfs to Baptiste’s Immortality Field and Mei’s Endothermic Blaster.

The biggest nerfs that I like to see in these notes are for Baptiste and Mei. Baptiste’s Immortality Field has been considered oppressive by many in the Overwatch community. Most often, the field seems too easy to use for the protection and value it gives to players. A common way to avoid destruction of the Immortality Field is to place it behind a wall and out of the enemy’s sight lines. Since the field was up for 8 seconds, and the cool down for ability starts when you throw the field, your lamp could have a 40% uptime. Meaning, 40% of the time, your team could theoretically be invincible. This nerf cuts that uptime in half, leaving your team unharmed for 20% of the time.

You can see the full list of changes below.

PTR Patch Notes

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster has received some tinkering, removing half a second on the slow effect caused by her ice. The enemies effected will also retain 20% more of their speed. Heroes like Wrecking Ball and Lucio will be happy to hear this, as losing 90% of your speed could lead to a quick death.

Other changes include an adjustment to Orisa’s Fortify ability, reducing the damage reduction to 40%. Fortify has been called the primary reason that Orisa is still prominent after the nerf to shields.

Doomfist receives a questionable nerf to his Uppercut ability, which locks him in the animation for an extra 0.3 seconds. This will essentially nerf all of his inputs that use Uppercut, including the speed with which he can return to fights.

Hanzo players will have to re-adjust their aim; developers have decided to revert a previous buff on the speed of his arrows. This change may seem small, however it will limit his ability to deal with long-range targets, especially Pharah.

In other news, D.Va can now reach the top of Lijang Tower using her new Boosters cooldown buff.

Ultimately, it is good to see an update for the Overwatch PTR that nerfs more than it buffs.

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