Sweaty Overwatch comps for competitive Capture the Flag

The Overwatch Lunar New Year event is finally here! While most of the skins are fantastic, the really important part is that competitive Capture the Flag is back! It’s become a tradition among my friend group to try and help our buddy Mike reach the highest of CTF ranks. It’s a fantastic game mode for earning Competitive Points and snagging event loot boxes quickly. If you’re on the quest for competitive Capture the Flag glory, here are some sweaty team compositions to boost your SR to the moon and back.

Protect the Piggy

Team composition: Roadhog, Zarya, Mei, Symmetra, Lucio, Brigitte

Overwatch Lunar New Year Competitve Capture the Flag team comp Roadhog

This play style is a staple for competitive CTF matches. Roadhog is one of the best all-around characters for this game type. His hook can snag  flag thieves and execute them with ease. His Take a Breather ability and health pool let him barrel through enemy lines. Pair him with Brig for healing and crowd control, while Lucio speed boosts you in and out. You’ll be able to grab the flag while keeping your team alive long enough to escape.

Meanwhile, use Mei to freeze and wall off enemies chasing after your flag carrier. Her abilities also work well to keep enemies away from the flag and locked in place if they grab it. Zarya can use her bubbles to keep everyone alive on the retreat while her ultimate can stop pursuers in their tracks.  Place Symmetra’s turrets near your own flag to slow enemies trying to push. Have your Symm throw her Photon Barrier up to cover your escape, or for some extra defenses.

This Overwatch comp has some flexibility when it comes to hero selection. Take Wrecking Ball to rush onto the flag. While he can’t roll with it, his temporary shields and large health bar allow him to walk back to base with some support. You can also take Torbjörn instead of Symmetra, and use his turret defensively as well. His Molten Core can be thrown down to protect your flag, or keep chasers at bay.

Bullying with Bastion

Team composition: Roadhog, Sigma, Bastion, Hanzo, Lucio, Baptiste

Overwatch Lunar New Year Competitve Capture the Flag team comp Bastion

Bastion is fantastic for defending your flag, but can also be used to bully your opponents for dominant wins. Camping the flag is easy for this composition, and allows you to hold onto your lead as time winds down. Setup Bastion in turret mode behind Sigma’s shield, to mow down anyone who gets near. Both Roadhog’s hook and Sigma’s Accretion can be thrown out to keep enemies away. Use Sigma’s Gravitic Flux to halt flag carriers, or delay attackers from reaching your base as a last resort.

Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow can detect flankers while his Dragonstrike is great for blocking off enemies. Baptiste is best used to pocket Bastion during crucial team fights. Lucio, like always, is a key character for AOE healing and speeding out of tight situations. His Sound Barrier ult can help keep flag carriers alive for the last few steps they need to capture the enemy flag.

This Overwatch comp also works wonders on attack. Setup a Bastion out of sight as you escape with the flag, to slaughter unsuspecting enemies. Coordinate a push with Sigma and Baptiste, and have Bastion go into turret mode outside the enemy spawn. This gives you a ton of space to steal the flag with Roadhog and leave your enemy pinned down by Bastion’s bullet rain. Exchange Orisa for Sigma as another shield tank, whose Fortify and Halt abilities work well for staying alive and preventing enemy escapes.

Diving DPS, Hidden D.Va

Team composition: Zarya, D.Va, Doomfist, Genji, Mercy, Moira

Overwatch Lunar New Year Competitve Capture the Flag team comp Lucio

This pseudo-dive composition plays a lot different than the previous two. However, it can be just as effective on attack when your team works together. Have Doomfist and Genji distract the enemy team, while Mercy’s staff and Moira’s orb keep their health up. In the chaos, have your D.Va  play sneaky (as sneaky as a huge mech can be, anyways) and boost in from the shadows to grab the flag, as Zarya bubbles her. Make sure to cancel your boost just before touching the flag or D.Va won’t be able to pick it up. Back away quickly while D.Va uses her Defense Matrix to absorb incoming damage. Mercy and Moira can then pocket D.Va and keep her alive for the retreat back to base.

Your team will have to play tight on defense with this comp. Doomfist can use his abilities and ult to keep enemies at bay. Your D.Va should hold her Self Destruct until the enemy team presses in. The explosion is great at keeping opponents zoned out of your base for a few seconds. Enemies who get too close as they pile on your flag can be sitting ducks for a good Genji Dragonblade. Zarya’s Graviton Surge can help your Genji get highlight reel plays, while keeping your flag where it is.

For extra chaos, take Winston in D.Va’s place. His bubble is a great shield and he can dive in with Doom and Genji. His Primal Rage ult is perfect for keeping opponents off your flag, or at bay when retreating with theirs.

“The Quick Play Classic”

Team composition: Reaper, Soldier 76, Mei, Tracer, Roadhog, Lucio

Overwatch Lunar New Year Competitve Capture the Flag team comp D.Va

This comp is a bit of a meme, but you can smack the other team in the mouth and walk away with the win. The goal is an all out assault on their base. Using DPS like Reaper, Mei and Soldier that can keep themselves alive while putting tons of damage down range is key. Having Lucio rush Roadhog or Tracer in to take the flag out – while the other three take out enemies – is the way to win. On defense, your only hope is being able to out-frag the other team before they can touch. Play fast and dirty to steal and cap flags quicker than your opponents can.

Competitive Capture the Flag ends soon

The competitive Capture The Flag season ends Feb. 5, so make sure to try out these team comps soon. Have a better comp you want to recommend? Throw it in the comments below! And stay tuned to SQUAD for more Overwatch and Overwatch League coverage.

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