Top 10 cosmetics of the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 event

This year, Overwatch is holding its annual Halloween Terror event from Oct. 13 till Nov 3. With this, a whole new variety of cosmetics including skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, and highlight intros were revealed. In the past, Overwatch has had the occasional underwhelming content drop. But this year, the hero shooter has really brought its A-game for the spooky season, delivering some amazing and well-designed cosmetics.

Along with the event, players can also participate in weekly challenges that will unlock a new icon, spray, and skins for different heroes. The first two weeks we got sets for Sombra and Brigitte, and next week you will be able to start earning progress towards the Ragdoll Echo set. You earn these event sets by winning a total of nine quick play, arcade, or competitive games. Three wins will earn you the icon, while six will earn you the spray, and finally, nine total wins will earn you the skin.

Best (and worst) of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event 2020

This year, Blizzard pleasantly surprised me with a lot of cool and well-designed cosmetics. Below are my personal picks for the best loot from the 2020 Overwatch Halloween event.

For the sake of brevity, this list will be kept short and will take all forms of new cosmetics into consideration. This list is purely my own opinion, and may be different from others.

10. Flying Dutchman Sigma

As a DPS and support player, I don’t spend much time on Sigma. However, I do think that this is a decent skin for our beloved floating tank. From the wide roster of new skins, this one is on the weakest side, as I feel that Blizzard could have done a little more with it. The pirate theme is a bit over-used, with many other heroes including Junkrat and Ana already having ones like it.

However, the overall design and concept for Sigma’s Halloween skin is decently cool – just cool enough to land it on the lower end of the list.

9. Dai-Tengu Hanzo

During my time as a DPS player, I never spent much time on Hanzo either. Snipers were always a tricky type of damage hero for me to pick up, but even so, I do like a lot of Hanzo’s skins. This one however is also on the weaker side. It coordinates well with the apparent bird theme that is going on with his brother, but the feathers are a little too much.

The glowing eyes on the mask are cool, and the design of the arrows and quiver are exceptionally well done. The color palette is a little bland, but works nicely with the concept idea.

dai-tengu hanzo

8. Pumpkin Victory Poses

We all know these pretty well. Every character has one, and they’re cute. When a new character is released, they get their own Jack-O-Lantern pose eventually.

I like these, although they are pretty standard for the Halloween event. We can almost always expect at least one of these every year – especially when there is a new hero who doesn’t have one yet.

Overwatch Halloween event ashe pumpkin pose

7. Karasu-Tengu Genji

Personally, I am intrigued by the bird theme that is going on between the Shimada brothers. Unlike Hanzo, I really like what Blizzard has done with Genji’s design. The face and arms look great with the beak and mechanical feathers.

However, the brown pants look a little out of place. My friends and I like to joke about the chicken legs, but in all seriousness that may as well have been the intent, because they really do complete this look. It’s more on the subtle and minimalistic side, but I kind of like it more for that.

karasu-tengu genji

6. “Listen to your Mummy”

This is one of Ana’s new voice lines, and paired with her Mummy skin for Halloween this is absolutely perfect. I am ranking this lower because there are other lines that I like more, and honestly, I don’t know why Blizzard didn’t come up with this line sooner.

5. Winston the Werewolf

I really, really like this skin! However, this makes me wish that Tracer would have gotten the Little Red Riding Hood skin more now, since they could’ve made a really cute duo in costumes – like the cool duo and friends that they are in the game lore.

One of my favorite parts about this skin is the detail in Winston’s face, and the detailing on his wooden armor. I would have ranked this a little higher, however, I am not a huge fan of the jump pack and gun designs. They just look awkward in a circular shape, and I think the design team could have done something a little more creative with that.

winston werewolf

4. “The Shimada will rise again”

As someone who is a fan of Overwatch lore and the Shimada brothers, this is an interesting line. We know the story between Hanzo and Genji, and how the two took very different paths in life that divided their family. I don’t necessarily know what Hanzo means by his family rising again, but consider my interest very piqued. I would like to see Blizzard do more with this kind of lore in the future – especially when Overwatch 2 finally launches.

3. Itsy Bitsy Spider Highlight Intro

Okay, to be honest, I really hate spiders. They make my skin crawl and so does this new intro for Widowmaker. However, this new animation has already become one of my favorite introductions in the game.

The spider theme for Widowmaker is cool and interesting, but even with all of her nice cosmetics, during the Halloween event, I’ve always felt there was a severe lack of spider-themed accessories. But this animation is very well done, and gets the Black Widow theme across very nicely.

2. “Behind you… AHHH!”

I enjoyed swapping to support from DPS, and Baptiste is hands down my favorite. His kit has been really fun to learn and mess around with, and this line, in particular, is really fun and cute. I like to sneak up behind my friends and use it on them in quick play. They don’t seem to appreciate it, but I always get a good chuckle out of it.

1. Shin-Ryeong D.Va

D.Va is one of my personal favorites, and I played her when I first started playing Overwatch. While she has a lot of very good skins, I was disappointed by some of her previous event skin designs. After leaving the D.Va player life behind, I didn’t give much thought to her new cosmetics.

halloween dva

However, I really love this design for her new Halloween skin. The almost ghostly feel to her outfit is very pretty, and the white hair looks nice with the tail and ears. I also really love the detailing and color scheme on the MEKA. The wooden material with silver accents is a very simplistic and beautiful touch.

While most skins for D.Va have turned me away in the past, this one really speaks to me and will probably be the one I stick with the most… aside from her Overwatch League All-Stars skin, of course.

These are my rankings and thoughts on the newest cosmetic additions coming to Overwatch in this Halloween event. These are all purely my own opinion, and there are plenty more voice lines, skins, and even sprays that I didn’t even touch on. What are you Halloween Terror 2020 favorites? Let me know in the comments, and stick around for more Overwatch content and news!

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