Everything you need to know about the newest Paladins champion Corvus

A new champion has entered the Realm: Corvus, the Magistrate’s Blade. Commanding the powers of the Abyss, he plans to bring peace that will surpass that of the Golden Age. Here is our overview to Corvus, Paladins‘ newest support champion, and the first of four champion releases slated for 2020.

Corvus abilities

Officer’s Pistol – This is Corvus’ basic attack, which deals 70 damage every  0.07 seconds. It feels similar to Koga’s SMGs, but it deals less damage.

Abyssal Reconstruction – This is Corvus’ bread and butter healing ability. Corvus channels the Abyss to heal an ally for 800 HP instantly, and another 350 HP over 0.5 seconds. It feels similar to Furia’s Cherish or Jenos’ Astral Mark, but in reverse. It has a base 4 second cooldown.

Mark of Fate – This ability marks an ally, increasing the Abyssal Reconstruction healing they receive, and making them get a portion of the healing given to allies. This has a 2 second cooldown, but only one ally can be marked at a time.

Projection – This is Corvus’ movement ability, and also his only form of crowd control. The ability sends forth a piercing projection that slows and damages enemies in its path. Corvus can teleport to the projection by reactivating this ability. Projection is on a 7-second cooldown.

Entropic Breach – Corvus’ ultimate ability allows him to rise in the air, gaining damage reduction. He can then call down the power of the Abyss, slowing and damaging enemies in a large area for a percentage of their health each second.

guide to Corvus


Dark Gifts – Allows your marked ally to gain crowd control reduction, cooldown reduction, a reload speed increase and and passive heal of 50 every 1 second. This is the first unlocked talent Corvus comes with.

Stunning Visage – Corvus’ projection can now stun enemies in its path and deals 600 damage when teleporting. This talent is unlocked at mastery level 2.

Spreading Influence – Corvus can now mark two allies at the cost of reducing the percentage healing given by the Mark of Fate by 15%. You unlock this talent at mastery level 8.


With Furia receiving some hefty damage nerfs, Corvus may have the oppurtunity to rise as the new high damage hybrid support in Paladins. His versatile kit will allow him to flex as both a support and a hybrid damage dealer. I am excited to play Corvus and see what his role will be in the meta.

To learn more about Corvus’ kit and lore, check out the official Paladins patch notes.

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