Hi-Rez overhauls Paladins’ in-game progression and battle pass

One of the many, many things that will change in Paladins in 2020 is the game’s in-game progression. In their usual way, Hi-Rez outlined their plans for the game in 2020 in a very candid post, promising a much better progression experience. The changes to in-game progression may seem minor compared to what is going on the game’s mechanics, esports and balance. However, for casual players who enjoy grinding and unlocking new looks, they are a very real part of the experience.

By Hi-Rez’s own admission, the current setup is less than perfect. The studio is going down the list of features, and either changing them or scrapping them entirely. The main goal is to give players more control. First, the battle passes – and Paladins will have 6 next year – will lose the bonus 50-tier track at the end. Instead, the first 50-tier track will be bumped up to 80-tier.

Paladins progression Ying skin

Each tier will require the same amount of experience as it does currently. Hi-Rez explains that the overall ratio of content unlocked to time played should remain the same. However, players will have a lot more control over how they gain experience. In the reworked Paladins progression system, players get access to all challenges from the start. Players will select which challenges to activate, finishing things at their own pace.

Hi-Rez is fixing other tedious and imperfect in-game progression mechanics as well. The First Win of the Day reward will turn into a Play Two Games challenge. The daily login free currency will be moved into the free track of the battle pass. The combination of these changes should ensure smooth progression through the pass. Furthermore, finishing the premium track of each battle pass will grant enough currency to buy the next battle pass. This convention is becoming common practice in the industry, and we are glad to see Paladins adopt it.

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