New Paladins champion Vora explained

Paladins is adding their final new champion for 2020, Vora. She is a Flank champion with strong damage output and crowd control abilities. She appears to be heavily inspired by Thanatos from Smite with her healing and execute. Here is everything you need to know about Vora, the new champion coming to Paladins.

Vora’s kit

Vora’s kit focuses on dealing large amounts of damage over time while maintaining a solid stream of self-healing. Her basic attack, Deadly Scythe, is similar to Zhin’s basic attack, which is also semi-ranged and has an attack chain. Landing hits of Deadly Scythe stacks Vora’s passive Darkness which heals her and augments her other abilities.

Vora’s alternate-fire ability is Obliteration: she jumps up and slashes downward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. While in the air Vora is immune to damage and crowd control. If you have five stacks of Darkness, Obliteration does extra damage and cripples enemies hit.

Vora’s other damaging ability is Dark Siphon. Vora launches a projectile from her scythe that deals damage on impact and additional damage over time. If Vora hits an enemy with Dark Siphon, she regenerates health over time. If cast at max stacks of Darkness, Dark Siphon will also cripple the enemy on hit.

Her movement ability is Tendril. Vora sends forth a manifestation of her will, pulling yourself towards a target location. This is similar to Grover’s Vine, but Tendril can be used to pull yourself to an enemy.

Vora’s ultimate, Harbinger’s Wrath is where she shines. When casting, Vora temporarily gains movement speed and increased damage resistance. While the ability is active she can target an enemy to silence, stun and cripple them. If they are above 66% of their health, they take 1100 damage, and if they are below 66% they are executed instantly.

Vora’s talents

Vora’s default talent is Unyielding Pressure, which causes Dark Siphon to also do damage for 10% of the target’s maximum health. This will be a great talent for countering tank-heavy compositions, and adds more burst to Vora’s kit.

At level 2, you unlock Relentless Presence, which adds a second charge to Tendril, giving Vora more mobility. Deafening Silence unlocks at level 8 and adds a silence to Obliteration, further buffing her ability to disrupt enemies.

You can find the full details for Vora in the official Paladins patch notes.

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