Paladins champion Furia is getting her damage nerfed – is she still good?

The latest patch, Darkness and Dragons, is about to go live in Paladins. Along with a new battle pass, some beautifully draconic-themed skins, and an update to the Magistrate’s Archive map, Furia is having her damage nerfed. Since her release, Furia has been a strong hybrid healer, who can dish out large amounts of damage while keeping her team alive and healthy.

The damage nerfs

When the official patch notes went live, I was shocked that Hi-Rez had nerfed Furia’s damage this harshly. For starters, the timer before her Wrath begins to decay is down from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. Furia gains Wrath stacks – which increase her attack speed – by healing her teammates, which means that she could dish out a lot of extra damage just from playing her role as a support.

Now she has to heal constantly just to keep her stacks up, as Wrath decay begins before her Kindle Soul heal is off cooldown. Hi-Rez also increased the rate of decay, from 2.5 every 1 second to 10 every 1 second.

Darkness and Dragons
Furia, Angel of Vengeance

At first, the nerfs looked like they would put Furia in the dirt, but after playing her on the Public Test Realm and watching other players use her, I have to say it’s not quite that bad. Her damage didn’t drop significantly, it’s more so  that she lost her ability to burst down other champions at high Wrath stacks. This change also prompted players to start using the Ruthless card in loadouts, which decreases the rate of Wrath decay by 10% per level.

Final thoughts

I think these nerfs to Furia’s damage put her in line with other supports in the game. They also push players to have more refined loadouts, separating her damage builds and pure support builds, instead of having a blanket loadout that makes her a Jill of all trades.

With Corvus, the Magistrate’s Blade, the newest support champion coming to Paladins, I am excited to see how the meta shifts and what supports rise to the top.

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