Paladins is celebrating LGBT History Month with Pride avatars

October is upon us, which means many games are preparing for the holidays and adding their fall seasonal updates.  Developer Evil Mojo announced that they will be adding new cosmetic avatars to the Paladins in-game store for LGBT History Month. Here is everything you need to know about the incoming LGBT Pride avatars.

LGBT Pride flag avatars

In the most recent patch notes announcing upcoming champion Vora we also got to know that Paladins will be adding 6 new avatars to the game for LGBT History Month.

These avatars will correspond with the flags for Asexual Pride, Bisexual Pride, Lesbian Pride, Non-Binary Pride, Pansexual Pride, and Transgender Pride. You can see the flags below.

LGBT Paladins
The avatars Paladins will be adding.

Up until now Paladins only had a single LGBTQIA+ Pride avatar. These new avatars make a nice addition to the roster of options players can use to identify themselves, or show support to each other and the LGBT community.

You will be able to grab these new avatars throughout the month of October, when they arrive alongside the new champion and all the other changes in the patch. We don’t know yet for sure if they will be limited time only, but the LGBTQIA+ Pride avatar is permanent, and it would not make a lot of sense to only give these to players for a small window of time.

Once available, the LGBT Pride avatars can be found through your player Profile page in Paladins, and will cost 1 Gold each, making them essentially free.

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