Paladins is coming to the Epic Games Store

In excellent news for players who don’t like console gaming or Steam, hero shooter Paladins is coming to the Epic Games Store on March 24. The announcement came via Twitter earlier today, and it clarifies that the game will remain available on Steam. In fact, it will eventually feature full cross-play and cross-progression between the two clients, as it already does across all platforms it is available on.

Hi-Rez’s next big multiplayer shooter, Rogue Company, will also be available through the Epic Games Store. Unlike Paladins, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for PC players. Rogue Company is set to arrive later this year.

Paladins in 2020

This is shaping up to be a year of big changes for Paladins. While the competitive scene is still coming to grips with the serious changes to the game’s esports structure, the playerbase is growing. In fact, an expansion into the Epic Games Store makes sense for Paladins right now, as the game is enjoying some of the highest player numbers since 2018.

paladins ameri khan epic

Over the last few months, Paladins has been experiencing a wave of internal changes aimed at improving the player experience above all else. In a sense, this initiative began all the way back in February 2019, when content output was reduced in favor of “The Bug Hunt”, the studio’s systematic eradication of the many bugs and exploits Paladins was notorious for. Lately, the focus has expanded to include improving the game’s balance, match flow, and even the progression system.

In the latest update, Paladins also removed two old features: killcam and top play, replacing them with new alternative. The best part is that now that the tragically un-skippable top play recap is gone, matches just… end. So you don’t have to wait to hop in the next game.

Paladins will be available at the Epic Games Store on March 24. Cross-play will be enabled at a later date. In the meantime, make sure to stick around with SQUAD for more Paladins news and content!

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