Paladins Sands of Myth | Skin Review

Paladins has a new update patch, Sands of Myth, which brings a ton of amazing skins packed in a new battle pass. As per usual, the battle pass has a theme, and this time it’s Egyptian myth. I have always had a fascination for ancient cultures and their mythologies, and this set of skins truly knocked my socks off.


The Rage of the Abyss himself is stomping into this Paladins battle pass with two beautifully crafted skins. Inspiration was most likely pulled for these two skins from Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. Raum sports similar jackal-like ears and is seen collecting shattered souls, just like Anubis. I guess you could call this a match-made in the underworld. At level 10 you unlock Crypt Guardian, and at level 60 you unlock the recolor, Undead Colossus.

Crypt Guardian Raum
Undead Colossus Raum


Our chakram-wielding tiger boy has received his first official skin, one that isn’t classified as a recolor. This is the skin you instantly unlock from purchasing the battle pass.

Tomb Keeper Tiberius

Identifying where they got inspiration for this skin from was the hardest out of the four skins. On the surface, it looks like another Anubis-based look. However, from the looks of it, inspiration could also have come from the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, who was a warrior depicted as a lioness. Farther along the Battle Pass, at level 50, you can unlock the recolor.

Sphinx Soldier Tiberius

Paladins animator Brett Jackson tweeted a few hours later, showing off the inspect animation for the Tomb Keeper Tiberius, sporting an individual animation for the Bladed Chakram and the Heavy Blade.


One of the stronger healers this patch, Ying is also being shown some love in this Paladins battle pass. Ying is known for her healing capabilities and illusory magic, which can be also be said about Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic. The decision to model this skin after Isis just fits so well between Ying’s in-game lore and the role of Isis in Egyptian mythology. At level 30 Divine Daughter is unlocked and the recolor, High Priestess, is unlocked at level 70.

Divine Daughter Ying
High Priestess Ying


I think our favorite cat burglar got one of the meh-ist looking skins this battle pass. Also the jade green on Emerald Bandit, unlocked at level 40 of the battle pass, is a bit of an eye sore. Luckily, the recolor makes up for what the original lacks, but it isn’t unlocked until level 80 of battle pass. This skin is a walking image of Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of cats and protection.

Emerald Bandit Maeve
Temple Raider Maeve

My Thoughts

Overall, I am truly impressed with Hi-Rez and Evil Mojo for doing their history homework when it came to these skins. They do justice to Egyptian mythology, which shouldn’t be a problem for Hi-Rez due to the popularity of their 3rd person MOBA Smite, which is based around mythology.

I am looking forward to the Sands of Myth Paladins update, and will be grinding to get that Maeve recolor. However, out of the 4 skins, Ying’s skins are the ones I am most ecstatic about.

For additional details, you can check out the official Paladins Sands of Myth patch notes.

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