Paladins will undergo massive changes in 2020

2020 is going to be a big year of changes for Paladins. From a total restructure to the current esports program, to sweeping changes in the game’s mechanics and flow, nothing in the Realm will stay the same. And we cannot forget that January will see the launch of Paladins’ first community-driven battle pass.

The ranked season splits will slow down, from once every 2 months to every 4 months. This will allow players to hold onto their ranks a little longer, and give them more time to grind out the ranked rewards. Battle pass releases will not slow, however, with a total of six new passes planned for 2020. January will open with the first Paladins community battle pass, featuring skins designed by community artists and voted on by players. As a nice little addition to the pass, there are also a handful of memey inside joke cosmetics like the Barrel Chad spray.

Paladins Ash Ska'drin skin community

In 2020 you can say goodbye to the Paladins Minor and Console leagues. They are being consolidated into the PPL to form a single towering entity called the Paladins Pro Circuit, or PPC. This is by the far the most controversial change coming. Many players in the aforementioned leagues feel they are getting a rough deal in the restructure. We will continue to report on the situation as it evolves, but it’s already pretty easy to see this is not going to be a smooth transition.

Finally, in balance news, we get yet another bombshell. The first patch of 2020 will usher in the biggest round of changes Paladins has ever had. The item system is completely rebalanced, with lower prices and lower overall item strength. All champions will see changes in their loadouts, ranging from minor tweaks to complete talent and card reworks. This round of changes aims to bring champions on the extreme ends of the power curve closer to the center. Are we going to see Koga in competitive drafts? Probably not, but it is fun to dream.

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