Persona 5R Special Edition gets further delivery issues

First Amazon, now this?

Persona 5R has officially released! It seems there will be more disappointed fans still dealing with order issues, though. I recently talked about Amazon cancelling pre-orders for the Phantom Thieves Edition of Persona 5R. Now it looks like EB Games – the Canadian Gamestop – is doing the same

Quite a few people are experiencing delays or outright cancellations, which unfortunately seems to be a common occurrence. No word yet if other retailers are experiencing the same or similar issues. If anything, lots of people seem to have gotten their copies of the game early. Which, lucky them, but that doesn’t solve the problem for the rest of us – definitely happy for them though.

There are other online retailers who take orders for the Persona 5R special edition, but they come with their own set of issues. Some buyers who had initially pre-ordered it from smaller sites were later told that the retailer had underestimated the size of the special edition, and shipping would be extra. I was one of those unfortunates, and in my case the additional shipping would have cost me $50. Pass.

After doing my own checking around, I have so good news! The Phantom Thieves Edition is still available on some other sites. I saw a couple listings floating around Walmart – and I managed to snag one for regular price from Best Buy. 

So there are options. Just uh, whatever you do… don’t be like this guy.

Whoops from Persona5

I know it’s tempting, but your edition will come soon. With everything happening now it makes sense for delays to occur – but they’ll show up. I mean, you definitely could still buy it digitally or get another copy physically if you’re that into it. Or maybe you could gameshare with someone and get them to pay half? 

In any case, hopefully the Persona 5R train doesn’t slow down any more than this. Not that I would personally get off, if it did. As much as I would’ve liked to play by the end of this week, we’ve waited this long – what’s another week?

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