The wait is over: Persona 5 The Royal release date announced

Some good news are finally on the horizon for Persona 5 fans. Since its release in the Fall of 2016, players have hoped for a re-release of the game. Many considered something akin to Atlus’ re-release of Persona 4 Golden to be well within the realm of possibility. On Dec. 30, 2018, Atlus reinforced these hopes further. The company released a cryptic teaser for something called Persona 5R. They later revealed that the name stood for The Royal. The teaser featured the voice of the main character, Joker. That moment of hope unfortunately came to pass, followed by months of relative silence. Atlus kept us in the dark for a while, with announcement trailers for yet more announcement trailers, which still didn’t reveal much info.

Well, that’s all over, and we finally have a concrete release date for the re-release. Titled Persona 5 The Royal (or P5R), it will come out March 31, 2020. P5R is expected to keep in the vein of previous Persona re-releases and be an expanded version of the original game. It will have new characters and new experiences, but should leave the game’s signature style and gameplay untouched.

Persona 5 Royal - Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

While most players agree that Persona 4 is one of the best games in the series, its re-release – Persona 4 Golden – is considered to be the best version of that game. With that in mind, we can only hope and assume that P5R will be even better than the original. Fans have already gone to town with their theories and fan art of the new female character Kasumi Yoshizawa. Incidentally, Kasumi’s design generated a lot of additional attention for the re-release, which was not always positive. Controversy aside, I for one cannot wait to see what other changes Atlus has made to enhance the game.

Persona 5 The Royal comes out on March 31 – be on the lookout for out review and more Persona content!

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