With Persona 4 Golden coming to PC, will the rest of the series follow?

Can't wait to see Igor's huge nose again.

Good news for Persona fans, it’s looking like Persona 4 Golden may release on PC later this month. There have been some rumors circulating today that Persona 4 Golden may be making its way to Steam as soon as next week. If true, this could signal the possibility of other Megami Tensei and Persona titles making the jump to PC in the future.

This comes right after Atlus tweeted out that they will be making an announcement at the PC Gaming Show on June 14.

Various sources have come out in support of this theory, with many being taken down since the initial leak. A SteamDB page linking to Persona 4 Golden has been found, with developer Pavel Djundik verifying the listing as the real deal.

Persona 4 Golden making its way to PC is big news for fans of the series. The games could previously only be played on Sony and Nintendo consoles. This forced some users to turn to emulators to enjoy their favorite titles once again.

With Atlus releasing Persona 5: The Royal three months ago, it looks like the studio is keeping the train rolling. And of course, fans are following suit and asking for the release of P5R on PC.

Persona 5 Royal Switch
Big shout out to this guy for trying. Even bigger shout out to the guy who replied

The Persona 4 Golden PC release does prompt questions, though. If this does indeed happen, will Atlus consider porting the series to PC in its entirety? Does this open up the possibility for Persona and its parent franchise Megami Tensei to find itself on PC and other new platforms as well? Will I finally see Persona 5 Scramble in North America?

Honestly, nobody knows at this point. But if this P4G speculation turns out to be true, it would show that Atlus is willing to branch away from PlayStation and Nintendo, which is an exciting prospect.

This may not end up being the only news revealed at the PC Gaming Show either. I’m excited to find out what else Atlus has in store for us, and if more of our geeky prayers will be answered. Who knows? Maybe sometime in the future we’ll see Persona 6 appear on Xbox?

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