4 common Phasmophobia myths and misconceptions explained

Phasmophobia is a game of trial and error, figuring out the best practices behind the art of hunting ghosts. It’s tough to decipher the difference between which in-game Phasmophobia rumor is fact or fiction. We check out 4 common misconceptions in Phasmophobia.

Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo Doll isn’t a common item, but rumor has it that if you pick it up and throw it on the ground, the Voodoo Doll will reveal the Ghost’s location.

The truth is that nobody knows if the Voodoo Doll reveals the Ghost’s location. The interaction seems to be more glitch than game mechanic. More often than not, throwing the Voodoo Doll will increase the object’s velocity and shoot it to the left of the player at high speeds. It’s a lot less exciting and useful than people believe it to be. I still wouldn’t mess with it, though.

Verdict: Fiction

Ghost Writing

There’s a rumor in Phasmophobia that the Ghost can write in the Ghost Writing Book while you’re holding it.

This is 100% true. If you’re running around with the Ghost Writing Book out, the Ghost can decide whether or not to leave you some evidence before you put it down. Sometimes little surprises like this do happen. That said, you shouldn’t run around with the Ghost Writing Book equipped, since there is better equipment to use.

Verdict: Fact

I Was Scared Before I Even Got Inside from PhasmophobiaGame

Spirit Box

Chances are you have a teammate that insists that the only way to get a response on the Spirit Box is to: sit in a room by yourself, say the Ghost’s name when asking it a question, and make sure the lights are out.

The reality is they’re not wrong, aside from the assertion that all of those conditions are absolutely required. Sure, sitting in a dark room by yourself while goading the Ghost with its name and a series of questions will increase the chance of getting a response, but it isn’t all needed.

A Ghost could answer to somebody sitting in a lit room in a group of people without mentioning its name. Long story short: this thorough method is not the only way to get a response.

Verdict: Fiction

Ghost Hunt

A teammate will sometimes tell you that the Ghost won’t attack you if you have high Sanity. Probably because they don’t want to die…

What we do know is that the set-up timer in the van shows players how long they have until the Ghost can start a Hunt. The likelihood of a Hunt will increase depending on the average Sanity of the players currently in the location. The higher the average Sanity, the less likely the Ghost is to hunt.

The key word here is “likely”, because the Ghost can trigger a Hunt anytime past that timer running out. Just hope you’re not catching the Ghost on a bad night.

Verdict: Fiction

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