5 amazing things in the new Phasmophobia Prison level

I guess you can say the Ghost is sentenced to life...

The Prison level in Phasmophobia is the first new map since launch back in mid-September. Large maps are always daunting, and Prison takes it to the next level. We check out Prison in Phasmophobia with all its cool rooms and quirks. We can guarantee that the ghosts are the worst part about prison, not the Dementors.

Spooky noises

The audio and atmosphere are what ratchets up the tension in Phasmophobia the most. The sounds are all part of the experience: the loud exhale in your ears, your character’s heart beating, items thrown, footsteps in your vicinity, or the terrified shrieking of your inexperienced teammates as they’re being hunted by the Ghost.

Kinetic Games promised more spooky noises, and they delivered. Prison brings the almost indescribable ambience of metal settling and creaking in an empty, otherwise noiseless room. It’s goosebumps worthy when you’re venturing into unfamiliar territory, and proves Kinetic Games has more tricks up their sleeves for future audio additions.

Tight spaces

Prisons are designed to control flow of traffic and maintain control of large populations. The Prison level in Phasmophobia takes away the wide open linear hallways from Asylum and High School, and forces players to squeak through tight spaces to escape a Hunt. The rooms are small, and the entrances and exits are not as obvious among all the bars. Keep your eyes forward and off the Ghost, so you don’t accidentally bump into a metal detector or barrier during a Ghost Hunt.

Chief Secutiy Officer

It’s a small typo labeling one of the rooms, but it’s a funny find if you’re paying attention. Chances are high this typo will get fixed sooner rather than later. May this article be the shrine to the Chief Secutiy Officer.

phasmophobia prison chief security officer

New things to steal

Phasmophobia players like taking things. We have a strange obsession with taking every item we can find and stashing it in the truck. It won’t be long before screenshots pop up on Reddit with the treasure hoard of soap, clipboards, coffee cups, and handcuffs that were once scattered around Prison.

Creepy rooms to haunt

Prison is sad no matter how you look at it. It’s easy to come up with imaginary narratives for the Ghost that haunts Prison. Ghost Rooms can be found in the Showers, Infirmary, Chief Secutiy Officer (it’s still funny), Prison Cells, or the Chow Hall.

Prison is still in beta, so it might be a bit of time before the map fully ships. All the signs are pointing towards Prison being a hit, and players should be excited Phasmophobia plans on rolling out more big content like this.

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