6 common mistakes Phasmophobia players make

Not every bit of important information is given to you in Phasmophobia. A lot of players have to rely on experience, videos, and learning from their mistakes playing Phasmophobia. Instead of making the same misstep over and over again, we’ll give you some helpful bits of information you didn’t know you need. Here are the most common mistakes Phasmophobia players make, and how to fix them.

Screaming the ghost’s name

If you want to piss off the ghost by screaming its name, you’re doing a great job. Until you’re fully set up, keep its name out of your mouth. In Phasmophobia, the ghost is listening to your microphone at all times. This means that it can hear your voice even if you’re on Discord, talking to yourself, or toggling in-game chat. Out of all the Phasmophobia mistakes, this is a huge one new players consistently make.

Save your taunting and name calling for when you’re ready to collect evidence or complete objectives. If you really need to, refer to it as “the ghost” when communicating with teammates. You don’t want to be caught mid set-up with an EMF Reader and Salt when you really should be equipped with either a Smudge Stick or Crucifix.

*Opens door* RUTH BROWN from PhasmophobiaGame

Equipment checklist

This one is for the new players: make sure to check your equipment loadout. It sucks loading into the game only to find out you forgot key pieces of equipment. Whether you then decide to play through the location or pack up immediately, it’s a waste of time for you and everyone involved. Here’s the essential equipment checklist:

  • Evidence finders – Thermometer, EMF Reader, Spirit Box, Video Camera, UV Light, Ghost Writing Book.
  • Money maker – Photo Camera.
  • Objectives – Smudge Stick & Lighter, Salt, Motion Sensor (if you can get it).
  • Enough flashlights for everyone.

Yes, it’s basically a list of almost all the equipment in the game, and you will need everything on it. Don’t bring more than you need, but bring enough. You don’t need three thermometers if you’re playing in a duo. Do you need to bring a Parabolic Microphone into Tanglewood Street? No, you don’t.

The Bone

This is one of the smaller mistakes you can make in Phasmophobia, but it does cost you in the end. Don’t pick the Bone up before you can take a photo of it. You can earn money from the Bone in two ways: taking a photo, and picking it up. You won’t be able to put the Bone down after picking it up, so make sure to grab your photo first so you can earn the maximum amount of money.

Opening every door and turning on every light

It sounds crazy, but you should let the ghost mess with you. Having the ghost interact with items, doors, and lights can offer major insights into its location and behavior. Sure, you need to open doors to walk through them, but close the door after you’re done in massive locations in case you missed something.

Here is an example scenario. You walk around Asylum looking for the Ghost Room. It’s a massive place, but the ghost might slightly open a door to walk around the halls. You see the slightly opened door, use your Thermometer, and BOOM! You found the Ghost Room.

As far as the lights, you might flip the Fuse Box by having too many lights on. Lights are essential for maintaining your sanity and using it as markers, but not every light needs to remain on. Try to keep them off for non-essential rooms and hallways. Reserve the lights as beacons for places of interest, helping guide teammates or yourself to either the Ghost Room or the van.

EMF identify ghosts phasmophobia

Placing Evidence tools in the wrong rooms

You’d be surprised how much equipment is lost and wasted from being thrown out or left in random places. The Ghost Room is where you should focus all of your Evidence tools. One of everything (EMF Reader, Video Camera, Ghost Writing Book, and so on) should be placed in the room, allowing for the most efficient use of time and resources to determine the ghost type. 

A Ghost Writing book will not do any good in a random room on the other side of the location. EMF Readers aren’t useful far from any typical spectral activity or traffic. Video Cameras should not be staring at a portrait in a random room, but placed in points of interest, whether it be in the Ghost Room or adjacent hallway.

Playing too high of a difficulty

Don’t punch up your weight class unless you’re ready to get dropped. Some players think that there isn’t much of a difference between difficulty levels, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you casually play Phasmophobia and want to try Professional to see what it’s about, make sure you’re prepared to play the best game of your life.

The major recommendation for this common Phasmophobia mistake is to get comfortable playing at a particular lower level before moving up. Phasmophobia is a game of recognizing patterns and evidence. Once you’re familiar with the rudimentary skills of the game, start pushing your boundaries with map sizes and difficulty levels.

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