6 crazy things Phasmophobia players want in the game

Phasmophobia is scary enough, but its players always want more. The Phasmophobia Discord channel is positively stuffed with wild, masochistic suggestions for things players want to see in the game. I decided to highlight the 6 craziest Phasmophobia community suggestions so far.

Note, that the developers pay attention to feedback on Discord, and give even the more insane ideas some serious consideration. We’ve added a rating after each suggestion to indicate how likely it is to eventually become a real feature in the game.

Ghosts climbing on walls

Lets jump to instant uninstall territory. The Discord channel will not quit mentioning their desire for wall and ceiling climbing ghosts. Phasmophobia is already unpredictable, and sometimes it’s tough to spot the ghost, but this community suggestion wants to crank the difficulty and scare meter up to 11.

Likelihood – 7/10

2 Ghosts

Ya’ll remember 2 Chainz’s haunted trap house? Sadly, this is not about that. Phasmophobia players have actually suggested having two ghosts in the same game. Given the conditions that are needed for evidence to appear, or the ghost’s spiked aggression on higher difficulties, a two ghost setup would add major confusion to an already challenging game.

The thought of mixing up pieces of evidence or having the same evidence count for two ghosts would make it impossible to decipher who’s who. You’d have to be nuts to want this.

Likelihood – 2/10

Possessed portraits

Many Phasmophobia locations have creepy portraits hung up on the walls. Since the ghost can interact with items in the location (like the light switch or the phone), why couldn’t the ghost possess portraits? Many players in the Phasmophobia community spam this suggestion hoping that they’ll find a portrait winking at them in their next game.

Likelihood – 7/10

phasmophobia community suggestions

Van jump scares

Typically, the solution to big scares is to hide in the van. However, the Phasmophobia community firmly believes that “none” is the right amount of safety one should have, and would like to punish those who aren’t risking their lives by having the ghost terrorize them in the van.

There’s currently very little utility aside from looking for Ghost Orb evidence that helps your team while hiding in the van, so maybe that player needs some encouragement to leave. Hallucinations outside the van, faces in the cameras, and other devious and dastardly acts have been suggested before. Van dwellers need to be punished!

Likelihood – 6/10

Detrimental sanity effects

Sanity only affects the likelihood of the ghost beginning a hunt. Aside from that, it’s an arbitrary number that has little impact on gameplay. While sanity is an important number to monitor for hunt reasons alone, the Phasmophobia community is suggesting harsher penalties for having lower sanity. Here are some of the suggestions we’ve seen so far:

  • Blurred vision and hallucinations (shadows, false apparitions, more voices).
  • Scratch marks or blood all over your teammates, or the walls.
  • Wobbly movement or occasional tripping when running.
  • Spectral appearances in the mirrors.

Wanting the sanity stat to be more meaningful isn’t that crazy, but some of the suggestions for how to do it go really far down the horror well. On the flip side, if you don’t like ghosts or being scared, why are you playing Phasmophobia?

Likelihood – 9/10

Scariest thing in Phasmophobia from PhasmophobiaGame

Bed sheet ghost

There was a cheeky popular suggestion that a bed sheet ghost was the low probability ghost model for games of Phasmophobia. It wouldn’t change the gameplay, but the idea of a ghost running around with a bed sheet over itself would be hilarious. It would also make a great Easter Egg.

Likelihood – 1/10 until Kinetic games hire more staff to render those sheets

We can’t list all of the unstable Phasmophobia community suggestions for things to be added to the game, but you can post some crazy ideas you’ve come up with in the comments below, and we’ll read them, and judge you. And if they’re crazy enough, we might write about them.

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