How to find Fingerprints in Phasmophobia

Fingerprints are a form of ghost evidence in Phasmophobia that tips you off to what ghost type you’re dealing with. While all ghosts interact with doors, fuse box, and lights, only some ghosts will leave some fingerprints (or rather, a handprint) behind. To find this passive type of evidence, you’ll need special equipment to spot it.

We’ll show you how to find fingerprints in your next game of Phasmophobia.

What ghost types leave fingerprints behind

Fingerprints only appear when you’re dealing with:

  • Banshee
  • Poltergeist
  • Revenant
  • Spirit
  • Wraith

Do not mistake footprints with fingerprints. They are not in the same, and footprints will not count towards your evidence. Fingerprints are shown as a handprint that can be found on doors, windows, lights, and the fuse box.

Footprints Phasmophobia
Footprints are not fingerprints, and not a piece of evidence.

How to spot fingerprints

UV is the only way to go. Once you’re all set up in the location, equip a UV Flashlight and toss some glowsticks in high traffic areas to increase the likelihood of spotting fingerprints. Remember, fingerprints aren’t always a guarantee to be in the game, so don’t waste your time and sanity trying to find them. Phasmophobia is unforgiving to those who mess around.

Glowsticks aren’t the best and most visible piece of equipment, but they’re great to passively place beside a wall to get the strongest effect. Aim to place it by a wall with a light switch, or beside a door you know the ghost frequently uses.

Fingerprints Phasmophobia

When to use UV equipment

Fingerprints are a passive piece of evidence that are lower risk and lower priority than other pieces of evidence. Once you find one set of fingerprints and take a photo of it with your Photo Camera, it’s better to opt for more important pieces of equipment like the thermometer and EMF Reader.

Use the UV Flashlight when you’re done placing all your video cameras, sensors, ghost writing books, and salt. The UV Flashlight does combine with the regular flashlight, so don’t feel like you have to walk in the dark. Simply equip the UV Flashlight and toggle the flashlight (T on your keyboard) to use both simultaneously.

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