5 best rental Pokemon for Dynamax Adventures in Sword and Shield

Dynamax adventures is the latest co-op game mode introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass The Crown Tundra. Here, players must delve into a raid den and battle four dynamax Pokemon, the last of which is a legendary Pokemon. However, players can’t just run through with their own Pokemon. Instead, adventurers have to choose from a rotating selection of rental Pokemon or recruit Pokemon they battle.

This makes Dynamax Adventures more about strategy and less about beating down everything with optimized, max level Pokemon. 

There are 226 Pokemon available to use as rental Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures in Sword and Shield. While the best Pokemon for every adventure depends on what Pokemon you’ll face, you often don’t have the luxury of knowing what’s ahead before picking your Pokemon. In this guide we will go over five solid picks that are almost never a bad choice. 


Blaziken has several things going for it. First off, it’s good Attack and Special attack means it can hit Pokemon on their weaker defensive side with either Fire Pledge or Blaze Kick. Blaziken will also come with the ability Speed Boost, which causes its speed to increase at the end of every turn. This means Blaziken will outrun almost anything after the first turn. Being able to get one extra hit in before the opponent can mean saving your team from unnecessary damage or deaths.

Dynamax rental Pokemon

To top it all off, Blaziken can fulfill a more support oriented role with Coaching. This allows Blaziken to get good value even when its Fighting and Fire type attacks are ineffective against the opponent.


Alcreamie is the perfect support Pokemon for Dynamax Adventures. Decorate allows it to give a serious damage boost to one of its allies. Alcreamie is also a great Dynamax option despite its support-oriented moveset. This is thanks to its Gigantamax move, G-Max Finale. This deals good damage to the opponent while simultaneously healing all allies. Being able to heal is a big deal in Dynamax Adventures, especially if you are going for the bonus Dynite Ore gained from a no-death run.  

As if that wasn’t enough to make Alcreamie a great pick, it can also lower the opposing Pokemon’s Special Attack with Mystical Fire. When Dynamaxed, this also becomes Max Flare, which can boost your allies’ Fire type attacks while neutering potential Water type attacks from the enemy. All in all, you can never go wrong bringing Alcreamie along. 


This Punk Rock Pokemon brings a good mix of utility and offense that allows it to find value in almost any situation. Rising Voltage and Hyper Voice give it solid damage options. Its offenses can even be further boosted by its ability Plus if one of your allies has a Klang, which will have the Minus ability. Additionally, Thunder Wave and Tearful Look can go a long way in mitigating damage, especially if you get some full paralysis turns.

Keep in mind, that this is G-Max Toxtricity. If Dynamaxed, it can still spread status effects with a G-Max Stun Shock.

rental pokemon


By far the best healer Pokemon in Sword and Shield Dynamax Raid adventures is Comfey. Healing is incredibly important, since damage dealt to allies is carried over between Dynamax Adventure battles. The combination of Triage and Floral Healing allows it to always heal its allies before the enemy can attack.

Triage also gives Comfey priority on the move Draining Kiss, so it can often clean up kills before your team takes more damage. Comfey can also use its good speed to allow an ally to go first with After You. 


We finish off this list with one additional support Pokemon, Ribombee. It’s one of the fastest rental Pokemon available for Dynamax Adventures in Sword and Shield, and it makes good use of it. Pollen Puff can be used to get in some quick damage or heal an ally.

It may be outclassed as a healer by Comfey, but it has a few other tools to make up for that. Aromatherapy can heal crippling status conditions, which carry over between battles. Additionally, Ribombee can enable allies with the use of a fast Fake Tears. It may not be the flashiest pick, but your allies will never complain if you bring a Ribombee on a Dynamax Adventure.

That’s it for our list of the best Pokemon for Dynamax Adventures in Sword and Shield. Be sure to check out our other guides for The Crown Tundra, and stay tuned for more Pokemon content.

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