5 features we want to see in Pokemon’s The Crown Tundra DLC

The second part of Pokemon’s DLC The Crown Tundra will have new features for Pokemon Sword and Shield. So far it is looking to be even bigger than The Isle of Armor, with a longer storyline, and a far larger island. We do not know what the map of The Crown Tundra looks like yet, but we do know it has a total of seven flight points – way more than The Isle of Armor‘s four.

With so much to theorize for The Crown Tundra, here are the top 5 features I expect to see.

Mining feature

One of the features I and many other players want to see the most for The Crown Tundra is the return of mining inside a maze of tunnels. We know that The Crown Tundra has a theme of exploration through tunnels, and all the cosmetics are themed around mining gear. This hints at the possibility that the mining feature from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is making a return.

Something else that hints towards this is an item data miners (a-ha!) found when Pokemon Sword and Shield first released. The Explorer’s Kit from Diamond and Pearl was discovered in the game files, but currently this item is unobtainable. There has to be a reason it is there, and now The Crown Tundra gives us a possible answer to this mystery.

explorers kit

The mining feature in Diamond and Pearl was incredibly fun. You could enter a maze of tunnels in a place called the Underground, and explore it solo or with friends. While in the tunnels you could find weak points in the wall, which allowed you to mine for fossils, spheres, items, and much more.

You were able to dig in the same areas with friends and work together to excavate an area. Players could set up traps throughout the mines to mess with their friends. They could also create and decorate their secret bases, and invite their friends over. If this feature gets implemented and improved, it would be a lot of fun.

mining The Crown Tundra Features

New Galarian forms

Regional forms have been around for a while and are always exciting to see. But for the first time we are getting regional forms of legendary Pokemon.

So far we know of a Galarian Moltress, Zapdos, and Articuno. Hopefully these are not the only Galarian legendaries that we get, and it is indeed possible we could get more.

Lately Pokemon has been good at keeping surprises for its players. It is even possible that we will get Galarian forms of normal Pokemon, since we got Galarian Slowpoke in The Isle of Armor. galarian legendary The Crown Tundra features

 IV-reducing item

So far Pokemon Sword and Shield has implemented a lot of mechanics to make training easier. We got Nature Candies, Ability Capsules, Bottle Caps, and the EV cleanser. The only thing we need now is an item to reduce specific IVs in a Pokemon.

Most of the time you want to raise a Pokemon’s IVs, but there is one exception, which are trick room teams. Trick room teams rely on having the worst speed stat possible. So training Pokemon for trick room teams is much harder, since you must breed a Pokemon with terrible speed, and then increase the rest of their stats.

Another situation in which you’d want to reduce IV is for Pokemon that are special attackers. With Pokemon that are trained only in special attack, you want to reduce their attack stat to the lowest possible value. The reason for this is to counter the move Foul Play, and take less damage from confusion hits.

ivs Pokemon The Crown Tundra features

New legendary Pokemon

We know for sure we are getting at least one new legendary, which is the grass psychic type Calyrex. I think it is possible that there may be at least one or two more legendary Pokemon still unrevealed. After all, when Pokemon Sword and Shield first came out, we all thought that there was only the two new legendary dogs, but we were given a third legendary Eternatus as a surprise later in the story.

It is possible the hidden legendary Pokemon will be able to morph with Calyrex. This is a mechanic first introduced in Black and White 2, allowing you to merge Kyurem with Zekrom or Reshiram.

Merged Pokemon have since become something more common. We got Zygarde which has various forms depending on how many Zygarde Cells you combine. Then after Zygarde, we got Nekrozma which can merge with Lunala or Solgaleo. calyrex

Given that we have gotten these almost every generation since Black and White 2, it can be safe to assume that we are due for another round of merging legendary Pokemon. It is highly possible that there are two secret legendary Pokemon, with one exclusive to Sword and the other exclusive to Shield.

Longer story

The story in The Isle of Armor was short, taking an hour at most to complete. But from everything we know about The Crown Tundra, the story will be much longer. We know that players will be leading an exploration team throughout The Crown Tundra. Peony, a new NPC, is going to be our guide through this.

Another clue to a longer story this time around is the structure of the massive island. We have been told there are many small communities throughout The Crown Tundra, implying we will go through many towns on our journey. There may even be new NPCs players can trade with to obtain rare items. Besides these small towns, we also know of the ancient ruins that are tied to Regidrago and Regieleki.

crown tundra

Game Freak is setting players up for an amazing experience in The Crown Tundra, with many new features likely slated for the DLC. Hopefully they will be able to deliver the content players want.

Game Freak has done a good job so far for The Isle of Armor, and all signs point at The Crown Tundra being even better. We still have a while to wait, as The Crown Tundra will not be out until November, and there’s certainly a lot to be excited about.

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