How to beat Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Welcome to our guide to help you defeat Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Mewtwo can be found in event dens and is a force to be reckoned with. Mewtwo is level 100, has 5 moves instead of 4, and a devastating movepool. As a result, he is extremely challenging to beat.

There are two types of Mewtwos, physical based and special attack based. Both are equally dangerous. Physical Mewtwo can have Bulk Up, Fire Punch, Brick Break, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Ice Punch. Special Mewtwo can have Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Blizzard, Flamethrower, Psystrike, and Psychic.


Game Freak really picked a move pool that covers the most common Pokemon players use. Mewtwo can obliterate Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus: the three Pokemon everyone has been using to clear raid dens with ease.

Mewtwo’s ice moves also threaten powerful dragon type Pokemon preventing the use of Dragapult or Hydriegon. His fighting type moves prevent the usage of strong dark type Pokemon who are immune to psychic attacks.

When Mewtwo boosts its stats just once, it will one shot nearly any Pokemon in its path. Even unboosted, its attacks take many Pokemon down to half health or more. How are players supposed to defeat such a powerful opponent?

Well, you need to bring Pokemon that are ideally level 100, and resist or take neutral damage from Mewtwo’s attacks. Make sure you stock up on Full Restores and Max Potions. In order to defeat Mewtwo, you must use potions during battle. You need Full Restores in case Mewtwo freezes or burns your Pokemon. If you do not use potions, you will quickly reach the 4 knockout limit and get kicked out of the den!


Do not bring any Pokemon that are weak to fire, ice, psychic, rock, ground or fighting type moves. Pay attention to the Pokemon your team is bringing as well. Team comp matters when going against Mewtwo. From what I have found, it is best to have one or two support Pokemon, and two to three dps Pokemon. I’m going to go over the Pokemon most likely to take down Mewtwo when teamed together.

Grimmsnarl (Support)

Grimmsnarl is the Pokemon every single team needs. It has nice bulk, but what makes it shine is its utility. Its ability Prankster allows it to setup Light Screen and Reflect before Mewtwo gets a chance to attack. What is even more important, is the ability to Taunt. Every time you start a battle against Mewtwo, you NEED to have a Grimmsnarl Taunt! If you don’t, it’s game over. Mewtwo will start one-shotting everything in sight if it gets a stat boost off.

Just remember that you cannot Taunt if Mewtwo has shields up. Watch out for when Mewtwo sets psychic terrain, since it prevents priority moves from being played. Grimmsnarl can still place screens with psychic terrain up, he just cannot Taunt.


You do not need a Grimmsnarl too invested in bulk. I used a lvl 100 Adamant Grimmsnarl with 252HP, 252 Attk and 4 Def EVs, and it took Mewtwo’s attacks really well. I had it hold Light Clay to prolong the duration of my screens. You can also give it Black Glasses, if you would rather boost its attack; that’s not necessary on support Pokemon, though.

Mewtwo’s first attack always does a little less than half damage to my Grimsnarl build.


Next, here is the strategy you use if you are Grimsnarl’s trainer. If the Mewtwo spawns with a shield setup, Light Screen or Reflect on the first turn, otherwise Taunt. During the first turn, watch what moves Mewtwo uses. Figure out if it is physical Mewtwo, or special Mewtwo. On the second turn, you use Light Screen or Reflect depending on which Mewtwo it is. You only need to use one of the screens, not both.

As for the last move slot, you can use Foul Play. This will do a lot of damage to physical Mewtwos and decent damage on special Mewtwos. You can also use Sucker Punch, but it has less PP and does not hit as hard. Another potential move you can use is Thunder Wave instead of Taunt, Reflect, or Light Screen. That is, only if your team has a second Grimsnarl with the move you are missing.

Thunder Wave can be used to paralyze Mewtwo, but only when the shields are down. In my experience, paralysis was not needed to defeat Mewtwo. Bringing two Grimmsnarls is not a bad idea because then you can Taunt and setup a screen on the first turn. Once that Light Screen or Reflect is up, it will increase the survivability of the entire team.


Marshadow (Support)

Marshadow is a great support Pokemon, but it is hard to use correctly. If you do not have a level 100 EV trained Marshadow, it is not worth using, since it will get one shot by Mewtwo. I suggest having a speedy but defensive build for Marshadow: it will outspeed Mewtwo with maximum investment in speed. A good nature would be Careful or Impish to boost its defenses. A good spread is 252 Hp, 252 Speed, and 4 SpDef. Give it an Assault Vest for added bulk.

The reason Marshadow is good here, is because it can steal Mewtwo’s stat boosts with Spectral Thief. Make sure the Grimmsnarl on your team does not use Taunt, or you won’t be able to make use of Marshadow’s stat stealing power. Unfortunately, you cannot keep stat boosts the entire time, because Mewtwo routinely clears all stat boosts – for your team of course, not for himself.


Dawn Wings Necrozma (DPS)

Dawn Wings Necrozma has perfect typing to battle Mewtwo. It is a psychic ghost so it 4x resists psychic moves. Another bonus, is that it’s immune to fighting moves. Dawn Wings Necrozma has attacks that are super effective against Mewtwo: Moongeist Blast and Dark Pulse. Not only that, but it has a special attack of 157 and a special defense of 127.

You want to Dynamax this Pokemon to create a bulky beast that can defeat Mewtwo. You can invest points in hp, special defense, defense or special attack, creating a special attacker. I use a modest Necrozma with 252 Hp, 252 SpAttk and 4 SpDef. The reason I do that spread, is because you can get physical attacking Mewtwos.

You can also make a purely defensive Dawn Wings, but that may be a little overboard. My Dawn Wings took attacks just fine with the spread I used. Either way, you want your Dawn Wings Necrozma to carry an Assault Vest too.


Other DPS options

I know not everyone has access to Dusk Wings Necrozma, so I will give you other viable Pokemon. While these Pokemon can hold their own against Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword and Shield, they will need Full Restores and Max Potions to stay alive. Most of these Pokemon will take half damage or more in the first turn, before screens have been setup. Mewtwo is just that strong.

Dracovish is a great choice because of Fishious Rend. Just make sure to have the ability Strong Jaw. Dracovish must hold a Choice Scarf so it can outspeed Mewtwo. It can have an offensive build with attack and speed investments. Never Dynamax Dracovish, because it will actually be weaker in that form.


Ghost Silvally is another good choice. It resists Psychic moves and is immune to fighting. Make sure to invest in special defense and health, though. Alternatively, you can invest in defense and health. Silvally does take decent damage from Mewtwo’s attacks and needs the extra bulk.

There are many more options for you to use, such as Milotic, Golisopod, and even Mewtwo himself. Your Pokemon of choice should be fine as long as it has good resistances to fighting, rock, ground, ice, fire, and psychic attacks. Just do not use fragile Pokemon. They need to have bulk, or they will get one-shot even if the attack is not super-effective!

Strategy recap

You need one Grimmsnarl to Taunt Mewtwo first turn. Then on the second turn, setup Reflect or Light Screen. Have one of the DPS Pokemon Dynamax and just attack Mewtwo. Make sure to always heal your Pokemon with Max Potions or Full Restores if they get to 40% health. That way your team does not get blown out of the den.


The simplest strategy is to use one Grimmsnarl and three Dawn Wings Necrozmas, simply because Dawn Wings take so little damage from Mewtwo. A Dynamaxed Dawns Wings is especially unkillable! You will not have to worry about anyone getting one-shot.

The complex strategy is one Grimmsnarl, one Marshadow, and two Dawn Wings Necrozmas. You have the Grimmsnarl setup a screen on the first turn to protect Marshadow. Then Marshadow just spams Spectral Thief to take away Mewtwo’s stat boosts. One Dawn Wings Dynamaxes, and you proceed with the fight like normal.

How can you find players to team up with? The best way to find people is to join multiple Pokemon Sword and Shield Discords. There are tons of friendly players on them, all eager to run Mewtwo raids. You can also communicate with team members if you form a group through Discord.

Armed with this knowledge, I wish you luck on your journey to defeat Mewtwo!

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