How to beat the Stormy Sea and Kyogre in Rescue Team DX

The Stormy Sea in Rescue Team DX is the first dungeon in the post-game storyline, and it is harder than any of the main storyline dungeons. To unlock it, just do missions until you see a Medicham outside your house. Talk to Medicham, then Lombre, and finally Wishcash to have the Stormy Sea unlocked.

It is a massive 40-floor dungeon with no rest stops, and lots of monster houses. Additionally, you cannot see the location of enemies and items on the map. Not only are you faced with tougher enemies the deeper you go, when you get to the last floor you have to fight Kyogre. So how are you supposed to survive through the Stormy Sea, and have enough resources left to defeat Kyogre?  Well, this is what this guide is for!

stormy sea rescue team dc

Pokemon moves, who to bring, and stats

First you want to decide which Pokemon you want to bring to the dungeon. What rare qualities they have is up to you. Make sure to choose Pokemon that have access to moves that can hit the entire room. Some examples are Discharge, Heat Wave, Earth Power, Silver Wind, Ominous Wind, Razor Wind and Blizzard.

If you want to see if your Pokemon can learn these moves, talk to Gulpin in town. Ask him to “Learn” and you will see a bunch of moves you can teach your Pokemon. You would be surprised at what some Pokemon can learn.

After learning these moves, make sure to use Accuracy Drinks, Power Drinks, and PP-UP drinks on them to increase their power. Make sure to grind some dungeons training these moves to increase their power even more.


The Stormy Sea is a water type dungeon, so grass and electric types have the advantage. However, typing is not everything. What really matters are your characters stats. Having the type advantage is pointless if you do too little damage, or die in one to three hits.

You must stat boost your chosen Pokemon. To do this, make sure to prioritize missions with Rainbow Gummies, DX Gummies, Iron, Protein, Calcium, Carbos, Zinc, Sitrus Berries, and Life Seeds. All these items will increase the stats of your characters. Do not worry about level, all that matters are your stats.

I highly recommend having 100 HP minimum, but 150 HP is a safer bet. Personally, I like over-preparing and had 220 HP on my Sceptile and Typhlosion, and 110 HP on my Rayquaza. The reason for this is because you want to conserve your Oran Berries and Reviver Seeds. More HP gives you a big safety net.

As for your other stats, just experiment with other dungeons to test your damage output. Make sure to also pay attention to how well you take damage, because defense and special defense are equally important. A good number for these stats is between 60-80.

rescue team dx stats

You do not need to bring a legendary Pokemon to beat the dungeon. Rayquaza is just my favorite Pokemon and has access to many moves that hit the entire room. Zapdos would be a better choice, since it has access to Discharge. The thing about Mystery Dungeon, is you can bring whoever you want, as long as they have the stats. You would be surprised to learn that my Sceptile is the one who pulled most of the weight in defeating Kyogre.

Choose your items wisely

Next, you have to choose your items. If you find you are lacking bag space, try ranking up your rescue team to silver to get a 48 slot bag. You will want to bring several different Orbs with you. Bring one to two of the following : All Power Up Orb, All Dodge Orb, Quick Orb, and All Protect Orb. These 4 orbs are for the boss fight against Kyogre. Do not use them during the rest of the dungeon!

orbs rescue team dx

For your journey through the dungeon you will want to bring an Escape Orb, Foe-Hold Orb, Foe-Seal Orb, One-Shot Orb and Revive All Orb. The Escape Orb is in case you find yourself overwhelmed and do not want to lose your items and money. The Revive All Orb will allow you to save your Reviver Seeds for later if your team gets wiped out. As for the other three orbs, these are for monster houses, or if you get surrounded by enemies.

Orbs are just one of the items you will need. Next you will want to bring seeds. You can bring one Ban Seed to prevent Kyogre from using one of its moves for the entire fight. Just wait for it to use the move you want to remove, and then throw the seed at Kyogre. Make sure to bring lots of Tiny Reviver Seeds or Reviver Seeds, though!

You will also want 1-3 Empowerment Seeds. These seeds give your Pokemon the Awakened status effect and let them mega evolve! I used one seed on my Sceptile and it kept its mega evolution the entire dungeon and during the boss fight. I thought for sure it would wear off when the boss battle started! In this powered up form, defeating enemies is a lot easier. I also used one on my Rayquaza, and found that when I got flinched by an enemy the Awakened status effect went away. So watch out for flinching moves!

rescue team dx sceptile

Make sure to bring plenty or Oran Berries or Energy Seeds to heal your team throughout the dungeon, and the boss fight. It will also be important to bring a few Max Ethers. There are a lot of Max Ethers in the dungeon as well, so you do not need that many.

For food I suggest bringing 4-5 Perfect Apples since they increase your max belly size and fills you up. Wait until your stomach is almost depleted before eating one. Remember that you can always change the team leader to someone else if you run out of food. Only the leader loses hunger over time.

apples rescue team dx

Next it is time to decide on your held items. You will want the team leader to hold the Goggle Specs so you can see traps. Trust me this dungeon is littered with traps and they can put you in danger. Or you can use the X-Ray Specs to see the enemies and items on the floor. For the rest of your team it is up to you.

If you value defense, you can bring the Defense Scarf or Zinc Band. Alternatively, for power you can use the Fierce Bandana, Power Band, or Special Band. Item choice is up to you and how you want to play. Make sure to bring an extra item to swap for the Goggle Specs when you get to Kyogre. There are no traps on the boss floor, so it would be a waste!

Time to take on the Stormy Sea!

When you feel like your team is strong enough, it is time to embark on the Stormy Sea. On the first floor I suggest using your Empowerment Seed. The boost in power will help the dungeon go by quicker. Only use one seed, just in case you get flinched: that way you still have one for Kyogre.

first floor awakened

Here is a big tip for you! When a Pokemon asks to join your team, you should accept them. This will give you more strength throughout the dungeon. You can have a max of 5 added Pokemon, making your team a group of 8. There is power in numbers. Whenever a Pokemon asks to join, look at their Rare Qualities. You can get a lot of benefit from allowing Pokemon with Rare Qualities to journey with you.

For example, someone with Steamroll joined me, letting my Typhlosion’s fire attacks do neutral damage to water types! Just do not waste your berries or seeds on them. When you have such a big group, it is difficult to protect everyone. I had a full group during my boss fight against Kyogre, and it did make things a lot easier.

You will also encounter a lot of fainted Pokemon. I suggest you do not help them out, because they will use up your apples quickly. These Pokemon are more of a risk to take on, because you cannot see if they have a Rare Quality – until they take your apple, that is.

Other than that, just proceed with the dungeon like normal, doing your best to survive and conserve items.

pokemon dx team

Fighting Kyogre

Right before going to floor 40, make sure everyone on your team is holding the correct items. You do not need to restore any PP or Health, that will be done automatically. If you need to buff with Empowerment Seeds, eat them here. When you take the stairs to floor 40, you will be faced with Kyogre.

As soon as the fight starts, make the leader of the group the one who does the least damage. This is because you have to activate your orbs, which takes up a turn and prevents you from attacking. First you will want to use the All Protect Orb or All Dodge Orb to increase your team’s survivability. Next, use the All Power Up Orb and Quick Orb to instantly get a huge advantage.

kyogre rescue team dx

Soon after the fight starts, Kyogre will wash everyone away, relocating them to various parts of the room. Movement will then be impaired by water, making it nearly impossible to get in melee range of Kyogre. This is why I told you to bring moves that hit the entire room. You can use Discharge, Earth Power, and so on. Other range moves can hit Kyogre too, if you are positions correctly.

Kyogre will mainly be using Water Spout to do AOE damage to your team. But this move gets weaker the less health Kyogre has, so it is not an issue. Once Kyogre’s health gets low enough, it will transform into its primal form, giving it a stat boost. This does not make the fight much harder though, and you should be able to beat Kyogre swiftly after it transforms. With Kyogre defeated, you can finally move on to the other post-game storylines!

primal kyogre rescue team dx

I hope this guide has helped you out! Stay tuned for more information about more Pokemon bosses and dungeons!

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