How to catch Virizion in Pokemon The Crown Tundra DLC

The Crown Tundra has done something quite unique with Virizion this time. Unlike other legendary Pokemon, Virizion is found by following its footsteps to determine its location. You are given this task by Sonia, of course.

If you need help finding all of Virizion’s footprints, then check out my guide for the Grasslands Pokemon footprints. Once you have 100% of the footprints analyzed, you must now find and fight Virizion if you want to catch it.

Virizion will spawn in the world and will walk around in a specific area. Luckily it does not walk too far, and will be easy to find. You can find Virizion on the hill that leads to the Old Cemetary before a huge patch of grass. You can see a raid den on the left, and next to this raid den is where Virizion spawns.

Do not engage in battle yet, though. First you must make sure to be prepared. You should also know that you can shiny hunt, and mark hunt Virizion. If you want to know how to mark hunt, check out our guide our Pokemon marks guide.Virizion location the Crown Tundra

I thought Virizion would be a breeze to catch, but this is not the case. Virizion has the moves Swords Dance, Leaf Blade, Close Combat, and Secret Sword. Add to that the fact it is a grass type, so all powder moves are ineffective on it. This means you will have to use Thunder Wave or Hypnosis to inflict paralysis or sleep.

Swords Dance is the main threat, as even one boost makes Virizion’s moves hit like a truck. So make sure you have some Pokemon with Taunt, or a status resetting move such as Haze. Taunt is the better option, as it prevents Virizion from using Swords Dance for three turns. Just remember to reapply Taunt whenever it wears off.

As for your Pokemon, you will want them to be level 70 or higher, since Virizion is level 70. You will also need a dedicated False Swiper to get Virizion’s health to 1 hp. One of the best False Swipers is Gallade due to its high attack, plus it can learn Hypnosis and Thunder Wave so you can use your status effect of choice.

Other great options are Zeraora, Mew, and Venusaur. These can all learn False Swipe and status inducing moves, but have less physical power to back up False Swipe. Gallade, Zeraora, and Mew can also learn Taunt, making them your all-in-one Pokemon.

virizion vs gallade

It is best to bring multiple False Swipers if you can, just in case one falls in battle. If you have access to a bulky ghost type such as Aeigislash, you can bring it. Aeigislash is a ghost type and will be immune to all of Verizion’s fighting type moves. Plus you can lower Virizion’s attack with King’s Shield. Give Aeigislash some Leftovers for recovery, and it is a good Pokemon to wait out the battle as you throw Pokeballs. Just be cautious if Virizion starts using Swords Dance, as Aeigislash cannot taunt.

I highly recommend bringing a full team of Pokemon with you. This gives you room for error, so if Virizion knocks out your Pokemon unexpectedly you have time to revive and heal them. So make sure to bring plenty of Revives and Max Potions. As for Pokeballs, you will want Quick Balls, Dusk Balls, and Timer Balls as these have the best capture rates.

Quick Balls only have a high capture rate at the start of battle, allowing you to potentially catch Virizion on the first turn of battle. Dusk Balls have the best capture rate at night, while Timer Balls have the best capture rate after 8 turns.

Feel free to catch Virizion in whatever Pokeball you want it in. These are just the ones with the best capture rates if you only want Virizion for your Pokedex.


If you want to use Virizion in ranked battles, I have a tip for getting the nature you want. Get a Pokemon that has the ability Synchronize with the nature you want. Pokemon with this ability are the Alakazam line, Xatu line, Gardevoir line, Beheeyem line, Musharna line, Espeon, Umbreon, and Indeedee Male or Female.

For example, say you want a Virizion with a Jolly nature. Then catch any of those Pokemon that have Synchronize, and make sure they have a Jolly nature. Let’s say it is a Jolly Alakazam with Synchronize. Now you want to put the Alakazam at the front of your party. When you start battle with Virizion it will have a 50% chance to have a Jolly nature. This allows you to save some time, as you will not have to use a nature mint on Virizion to get what you want. Another plus is saving those 50 Battle Points for something else.

Now let’s get into the battle! Throw a Quick Ball immediately for the small chance of capturing Virizion on turn one. If that fails, then switch out your Synchronize Pokemon to your Pokemon that can paralyze, or switch into your False Swiper and Taunter first. Make sure to Taunt Virizion before paralyzing it and taking down its health with False Swipe.

Virizion caught

Virizion can be taken down to 1 hp with False Swipe easily, so there is no need to use other moves. Now you can either put it to sleep or switch into Aeigislash. Start throwing Dusk Balls if it is night time, Timer Balls, or whichever one you want Virizion in. Remember to use King’s Shield every few turns to lower Virizion’s attack. Eventually one Pokeball will catch Virizion and you can enjoy your new Pokemon!

There you have it, how to catch Virizion in The Crown Tundra. After catching Virizion make sure to go back to Sonia for a reward.

As a side note, I think it is pretty cool that so many legendary Pokemon spawn in the overworld in The Crown Tundra. This is a feature I was not expecting, but is really great to see.

If you want to learn how to catch Cobalion and Terrakion, I have guides on them as well. Stay tuned for more content on The Crown Tundra and good luck in your Pokemon adventures!

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