How to farm Armorite Ore in Pokemon The Isle of Armor

Armorite Ore is one of the new items introduced in The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Armorite Ore is a currency used to buy new moves from the move tutor, who has unique moves that you cannot get from anywhere else. Many of these moves will see a lot of usage in competitive play and will bring rise to new playstyles, and that makes them very valuable.

The move tutor will charge 5 Armorite Ore for every move he teaches. There is also a vendor who will erase all the EVs on a Pokemon for 10 Armorite ore. So, how do you get this flexible currency?

Armorite Ore from raid battles

One way is by doing max raid battles on the Isle of Armor. Most of these raid battles can award between 1-3 Armorite Ore. Very few max raid battles award 4, and Blissey is the only Pokemon that can possibly award 5. The amount you get is always a variable as well, and you are never guaranteed high amounts of Armorite Ore.

chansey armorite ore the isle of armor

You can do raid battles that naturally spawn, or create your own with Wishing Pieces. Every raid battle loot table is connected to the Pokemon within the raid, and some Pokemon have a higher chance to drop more Armorite Ore than others. But for the sake of time efficiency, you will probably get the most Armorite Ore by just doing every raid battle you see.

Sure, farming Blissey raids can guarantee you the most amount of Armorite Ore. However, this will cost you a lot of Wishing Pieces and time. If you do not get Blissey on the first try with your Wishing Piece, it can take a while to date-skip until you find the Blissey you are looking for. And in the amount of time it took you to find the Blissey, you could have done two or three max raid battles, which would get you more than 5 Armorite Ore.

max raid battles armorite ore the isle of armor

Armorite Ore from Digging Ma

If max raid battles are not your thing, then another option is finding the NPC Digging Ma. She will offer you a deal: she has one Armorite Ore she will give you for free, but instead of taking it you can use it to try to find another piece of Armorite Ore, allowing you to double your ore. After each dig she asks you again if you want her to dig for more ore. This makes it possible to get 5 or more Armorite Ore within seconds.

But there is a catch: if her shovel breaks, then all the Armorite Ore she found will be lost. This makes it game of luck. Will you try your luck to get the most Armorite Ore possible, or quit early to secure what you have? Be aware that Digging Ma will despawn when you are done talking to her, and respawn somewhere else on the Isle of Armor.

So where can you find Digging Ma? She is quite good at hiding on this large island, but luckily does have 15 set spawn points. With so many spawn points it can take a lot of time to find her, especially if she decides to hide on the small islands around the Isle of Armor. To help you out, I have prepare instructions for all her spawn locations.

broken shovel armorite ore the Isle of Armor

Finding Digging Ma

Digging Ma may not necessarily be your best option for farming Armorite Ore in Pokemon The Isle of Armor, but if you really want to, here’s how to find her. Her first spawn location is to the right of the Dojo, on the cliff edge overlooking the sea. After checking here, make your way to the Courageous Cavern. As soon as you enter from the cave, go up the ramp on the left, and across the water to a small piece of land with one raid den. She should be standing right next to the den.

Once you check there, make your way to Loop Lagoon. When you come out of the cave, go to the right to the secluded beach to check her second spawn point. Then fly to the Tower of Waters for our next stop.

From the Tower of Waters go straight up the beach, making your way to the entrance of the Forest of Focus. But before going into the forest, make your way to the right and you will find a small pathway where Digging Ma can spawn.

digging-ma-locations-1 armorite ore the Isle of Armor

Now go into the Forest of Focus and take the bridge to the right and follow the path to find her – she should be close to the bridge. Then fly to the Tower of Darkness, and go down the stairs and the second ramp. When you get to the flat area that splits the path in three directions, go to the left path and follow it all the way down. Digging Ma will spawn at the end of this path right on the cliff’s edge.

Still with me? OK, next go back to where the path splits and go to Brawler’s Cave. Make your way down, and to the area where the giant pillar is. Digging Ma will spawn behind the pillar.

After checking this spot, make your way to the Training Lowlands. When you exit the cave, go across the bridge, and towards the stairs leading to Challenge Road, but do not go up them. Just go straight past them and go all the way until you hit a dead end. You should see her here if she has spawned.


After checking here head to Warm Up Tunnel, and take the first path to the left you come across. Digging Ma can spawn at the very end of this path. Now you can make your way to Potbottom Desert and hug the left side of the desert. Keep going until you come to two large rocks and a dead tree. Digging Ma should be standing in front of the first big rock here. If not, fly back to the Tower of Waters.

With all the spawn points on land checked, it is time to search the seas. These spawn points take the longest to get to, just because of how long it takes to travel to them.

From the Tower of Waters head to the Honeycalm Sea, but travel along the island’s side. You will find a hidden area with a raid den and Digging Ma will be near the raid den.

digging-ma-locations-3 armorite ore the Isle of Armor

Fly back to the Tower of Waters and go behind the tower. Find the island with one tree that is in the direction of the Insular Sea and go there. When you get there, go across the island and you will see Digging Ma standing on the beach. Then look for the island with two  trees on it in the direction of the Workout Sea, and head here.

Make sure to stick towards the right of the island where the large rock mass is. If you follow the land you will find another hidden spot with a raid den, and with Digging Ma.

Her final two locations are in the Workout Sea, so fly to the train station. If you go into Workout Sea and head to the right while hugging the land, you will find a hidden beach. On this beach is where Digging Ma will be. If not, then fly back to the train station.


Her final location is going to be far out in the Workout Sea, so go to the end of the beach that is in front of the train station. You should see an island in the distance with three large trees on it. There is where you can find Digging Ma. When you get to the island go to the tree on the left and Digging Ma will be standing right next to it. There you have it, all of Digging Ma’s spawn locations!

In my experience, it is not worth the time searching for Digging Ma. It takes forever to find her and when I do, 90% of the time her shovel breaks on the very first dig. Then she vanishes and it takes me 10 minutes or more to figure out where she respawned on the island. Digging Ma seems to always pick the spots that are in the middle of the seas for me.

workout sea 2

Since it takes so long to find her, I feel like doing max raid battles for 10 minutes is an overall better way to get Armorite Ore in Pokemon The Isle of Armor. But if you have better luck than me with her digging, then she is the better choice over max raid battles. It is up to you to decide which method works best.

One final tip: always pick up glittering items you find, because you can pick up pieces of Armorite Ore randomly from the ground.

There are all your options for farming Armorite Ore in Pokemon The Isle of Armor, I hope this has helped you out and good luck!

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