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How to find all Grassland Pokemon footprints in Pokemon The Crown Tundra DLC

In The Crown Tundra players are given an interesting task by Sonia: to identify the Grassland Pokemon footprints. This storyline is automatically unlocked when you enter Frostpoint Field.

Be aware that you must complete the post-game storyline where you capture Zacian or Zamazenta first. If you do not have this storyline completed, then Sonia will not appear!

Sonia tells you that if you can find enough footprints, she can locate the Pokemon they belong to. There are three different footprints you have to find. The Grasslands Pokemon, Iron Will Pokemon, and Cavern Pokemon. In this guide I will tell you how to find all the footprints you need for the Grasslands Pokemon.

The start of the Grasslands Pokemon footprint trail is in Frostpoint Field. Just make your way down the slope and go towards the large boulder. Follow the left side of the boulder that has a raid den next to it, and you will see the first footprint, which will be directly across from the raid den. The Grasslands Pokemon has green footprints which are easy to see in the snow.

The next footprint is right next to the raid den and boulder. Make your way down the slope slightly and you will find another one, then go towards the tree and you will find the next footprint.

Something to note is that the footprints do lead to each other – just look at the direction they are facing. Be aware, that there are large gaps between footprints throughout the trail, though. So this is not always a guaranteed way to follow the path.

From the tree you will want to go down the slope and to the left to get another footprint. Then go diagonally to the left and right next to the cliffside will be another footprint. Continue straight down to the nearest tree and you will find the last footprint for this area.

Now you have to make your way through Giant’s Bed which has the majority of the Grasslands Pokemon footprints. The trail has a large gap in it here, as there are no footprints near where Frostpoint Field and Giant’s Bed meet. Just make your way straight across Giant’s Bed and hug the left side. Keep going until you see snow meeting grass, since this is the area where the footprints resume.

The first footprint in this area will be to the right of the tree that has some snow next to it but is growing from the grass. Once you find this, finding the others will be a breeze because you just have to follow the path. Just go down the hill from the first footstep and you will find the next one. The third one is easy to overlook because it is hidden in the brown brush, but it is there. Continue down the slope, as the footsteps just lead to the brick ruins. You should find three footsteps following this path.

After that there is another gap in the trail. Just go towards the ruins on the right and go to the boulder. There will be three footsteps going around it. After you get these, make your way back to the ruins but hug the left side near the hill’s edge. Go forwards through the green brush and there will be a footprint. Continue straight and you will find another footprint.

Then move towards the left to get a footprint in between two brick ruins. From this footprint head straight towards the dirt path and you will find another footprint.

Now go back to the area you came from next to the hill’s edge, and make your way forwards next to the brick ruins. Just past the end of the ruin will be the next footprint you are looking for. Then go past the raid den towards the boulder behind it. There will be three sets of footprints around this boulder. Now make your way left back towards the ruins and you will find another two footprints.

Once again there will be a large break in the trail after these footprints.

Just go right from the ruins and then turn left to go to the hillside and you will find another pair of footprints. Follow the hillside down and you will come across several more sets of footprints. After that there is another break in the trail.

Make your way to the large pond and hug the edge overlooking the water, and you will find a footprint. Then go to the pond on your right and look all around the land surrounding it. You will find four footsteps circling this pond.

That covers all the footprints near the water, now go to the boulder on the left. There will be one footprint on the left side of this boulder. From there go to the right towards the tree and you will find another footprint behind it. Continue forwards and you will find another footprint in front of the tree.

Now you will want to go left towards the brown and green brush. The next footprint will be in front of some brown brush right before the tree. Next just go towards the tree and there will be a footprint in between the cliff and tree. If you go directly right from the tree you will see another footprint.

Once you get that, turn around and go back to the tree. Continue forwards following the cliff and another set of footprints will be behind the next tree. Then go directly right from the tree and you will find a footprint in the grass near the dirt.

After grabbing this one, go back to the cliff side and go straight to find another footprint hugging the cliff. Do not go into the snowy zone, instead go right towards the tree and cliff’s edge. Here will be another footprint right next to the brown brush around the tree.

This is one of the places where the Grassland’s Pokemon path ends. Luckily it wanders throughout the entire area so we just need to go to its second path.

Make your way to the Old Cemetery which you can get to quickly from where we are. Just bike down the hill until you see a ramp on your left. Take this ramp and go straight down, do not turn left because we want to be near the entrance of the Old Cemetery. Go to the first tree you see in front of the ramp and there will be a hidden footprint next to the tree. It is under all the green brush and nearly impossible to see.

After this one you can get the other green footprint that is in the open near the tree. Make your way forwards from there and you will come across another footprint. Go directly across the dirt path and you will get another footprint. Do not go into the Old Cemetery as there are no footprints in there. Instead go towards the ramp we came from. Instead of going up the ramp though go to the right, and you will find a footprint. Go towards the tree and you will find two more sets of footprints.

Now make your way up the ramp and hug the right edge, and you will find another footprint. Then proceed forwards down the ramp. At the end of the ramp go right and you will see another footprint near the grass. Continue to follow the grass for an additional footprint.

From here go straight down to the massive boulder right across from the grass, and you will find a footprint. Next go all the way left and you will find three footprints making their way down along the hillside. These will lead you to an intersection where you will also see the Iron Will Pokemon’s footprints. You can gather these if you want, or leave them alone for now.

Go to the tree with a bunch of brush around it on the left and you will find one grasslands footprint. Then go to the right to the other tree to find another footprint. Do not go into Giant’s Foot as there are no footprints for the Grasslands Pokemon here.

Instead, continue to follow the hillside that leads deeper into Giant’s Bed. You will find four footprints hugging the hillside. When you get to the patch of plants, there are two sets of footprints hidden within them.

At this point you probably have 100% progress on the Grasslands Pokemon, but do not worry if you are not there yet because there are a lot of extra footprints in The Crown Tundra. That way if you miss a few on the path, you do not have to go back inspecting each piece of land. I will tell you where these extra footprints are just in case you need them.

Continue hugging the hillside and the path will split. Stick to the left path, and as long as you continue running near the left side of the hill you will come across another footprint, which is next to the second boulder you come across. Then go right towards the other hillside and you will see three footsteps leading to a temple. Keep going all the way to the temple for another footprint.

These will be more than enough to get 100% progress on the Grasslands Pokemon. Make sure you press A on the temple door, because this will unlock a flight point.

There you have it, this is how to find all the Grassland Pokemon footprints in The Crown Tundra. Once you are 100%, fly back to Freezington and talk to Sonia. She will process the data and then you will be able to catch the Grasslands Pokemon, which is Virizion.

If you want to know how to catch this Pokemon check out my guide for Virizion. I also have guides on the other footsteps if you need finding them as well.

I hope this has helped you out and stay tuned for more guides on The Crown Tundra!

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