How to get Calyrex, Spectrier, and Glastrier in Pokemon The Crown Tundra DLC

Calyrex, Spectrier, and Glastrier are brand new legendary Pokemon introduced in The Crown Tundra. If you are wondering how to catch them, I am here to help you out. The journey to get them is a long one, but it is worth it.

Be aware, that you must beat the main storyline before you can catch Calyrex. If you try finishing this before becoming Champion, the game will say you are not powerful enough to battle Calyrex.

Unlocking the storyline for Calyrex, Spectrier, and Glastrier

First you must go to the Crown Tundra of course. To do, this travel to Wedgehurst Station and talk to the NPC in the green vest. Tell him you want to go to the Crown Tundra Station. Once there you will have to battle Peony who has level 70 steel type Pokemon. You do not need to win the battle though, and the story will still progress regardless if you win or lose.

Follow Peony and do the Dynamax Adventures. After that you will go to Freezington and setup your base on the Crown Tundra. Then Peony will finally give you the storyline The King of Bountiful Harvests. This is the storyline you must complete to get Calyrex.

king of bountiful harvest quest Calyrex Spectrier Glastrier The Crown Tundra

Completing The King of Bountiful Harvests

The first thing you want to do is walk over to the table inside your base. Sitting there will be a large rock, but this is actually a quest item. Interact with it by pressing A to put it in your inventory.

Now go outside towards the crops, and you will see a statue. Press A on the statue and you will fix it. After doing this you will see Calyrex in a hidden grove. Go to Calyrex and follow the instructions it gives you.

Halfway through the storyline you are faced with a game changing choice: which field should you plant the carrots in? Choosing the field in the Old Cemetery will result in Calyrex’s steed to be the ghost type Spectrier. Conversely, the field in Snowpoint Slope will result in Calyrex’s steed to be the ice type Glastrier.

You can only choose one of these Pokemon per save file. If you want to know which you should choose, check out my article here describing the differences between the two. In short though Spectrier is a special attacking glass cannon Pokemon, and Glastrier is a bulky, strong, and slow physical attacker for Trick Room teams.

Continue to follow the storyline and you will be lead to the final battle with Calyrex combining with Spectrier or Glastrier.


Preparing to Catch Calyrex, Spectrier, and Glastrier

Something to know before catching these Pokemon, is that they are all shiny locked and cannot be marked. Now onto how you should prepare for the battle.

Before engaging in battle, make sure to have plenty of Max Potions and Revives. You will also want plenty of Dusk Balls, Timer Balls, Quick Balls, or whatever your Pokeball of choice is. Next make sure to have level 80 Pokemon or higher, since that will be Calyrex’s level. As for your team, this will depend on whether you are fighting Calyrex with Spectrier or Glastrier.

If you are fighting the Calyrex-Spectrier, then it will be a Psychic Ghost type. This means that you cannot use False Swipe against Calyrex-Spectrier, because normal type moves do not affect ghost types.

There is one way to get past this, though: by getting a Pokemon with the Scrappy ability. Scrappy allows normal type moves to hit ghost type Pokemon.

One Pokemon that has Scrappy and can learn False Swipe is Pangoro, although Scrappy is a hidden ability for Pangoro.


As for your other Pokemon, bring something that can induce paralysis or sleep. I recommend Zeraora, Gallade, or Mew for this job, since they also can learn Taunt and False Swipe which will be effective against the Glastrier version of Calyrex, which is a Psychic Ice type.

Another Pokemon you will want to bring for the Calyrex-Glastrier fight is something with Haze. Dusclops with an Eviolite is going to be your best bet for this. What Haze does is reset all stat changes and trust me you will need this when battling Glastrier.

You will also want some strong fire type Pokemon with special fire moves such as Flamethrower. The reason for this is because Calyrex-Glastrier is incredibly bulky, and can easily tank one Flamethrower. But you must make sure you paralyze Calyrex-Glastrier first, because a burn can eventually knock it out.

gallade false swiper

Now I want to go over their movesets. Calyrex-Spectrier has Psychic, Agility, Giga Drain, and Astral Barrage. You can completely ignore Astral Barrage, which is its strongest move, by bringing a bulky normal type Pokemon such as Snorlax. Calyrex-Spectrier’s ability is Unnerve plus Grim Neigh, which increases their special attack every time they knock out a Pokemon.

As for Calyrex-Glastrier its moves are Iron Defense, Psychic, Giga Drain, and Glacial Lance. Calyrex-Glastrier’s ability is Unnerve plus Chilling Neigh, which will increase their attack every time they knock out a Pokemon.

Battling Calyrex-Spectrier

The Calyrex -Spectrier is the easier fight, as this form has lower defenses. At the start of the fight you should throw a Quick Ball for the chance at a one turn catch. If this fails, then paralyze Calyrex-Spectrier. Since it is frail you want to be careful when lowering its hp. This is much easier to do if you managed to get a Pangoro with the Scrappy ability.

When you get Calyrex Spectrier form to red hp, then you should start throwing Pokeballs. The fight can get annoying, since Calyrex Spectrier form can restore some hp with Giga Drain. Use Dusk Balls if it is night time, or Timer Balls if it has been more than 8 turns for the highest capture chances.

Eventually you will catch it after enough tries!

spectrier fight Calyrex Spectrier Glastrier The Crown Tundra

Battling Calyrex-Glastrier

Make sure to turn auto-save off before battling this Pokemon. This is because Glastrier is a Trick Room Pokemon. In order to have a viable Trick Room Pokemon, it must have 0 IVs in speed. Since there are no items currently in the game to reduce IVs, the only way to get 0 IVs is by resetting your game. So it is vital that auto save is off, and that you save before fighting this Pokemon.

The Calyrex-Glastrier form is definitely the tougher fight due to its bulk, pllus Glacial Lance which hits for an insane amount of damage and can easily knock out your Pokemon. This sets off their ability which increases Calyrex-Glastrier’s attack by one stage. That is why I told you to bring a Pokemon with Haze, because if you cannot reset Calyrex-Glastrier’s attack stat, then it will shred your team within seconds.

In addition to all that, Calyrex-Glastrier can also restore its hp with Giga Drain, and boost defenses crazy high with Iron Defense.

glastrier attack raising Calyrex Spectrier Glastrier The Crown Tundra

At the start of the fight you should throw a Quick Ball or paralyze the Pokemon. Once paralyzed, switch to your fire type and use a fire move, which should take Calyrex-Glastrier to yellow hp. After that use neutral hitting moves or False Swipe. Once Calyrex-Glastrier is at one hp start throwing those Pokeballs. Again use Dusk Balls, Timer Balls, or whatever Pokeball you want it in.

Once you have caught Calyrex-Glastrier, go into your key items section in your backpack. Find the Reins of Unity and separate Calyrex from Glastrier. Then go into Glastrier’s summary and check to see if it has No Good speed. If you do not have the IV checker yet, just check its speed stat.

With 0 IVs in speed, Glastrier will have a speed stat of 50. If you get a Glastrier that has a nature boosting its speed, then it should be 55. If Glastrier’s speed is higher than these speed stats, you should reset your game. Otherwise your Glastrier will be at an extreme disadvantage compared to other people’s Glastriers.

no speed glastrier

There you have it, how to catch Calyrex, Spectrier, and Glastrier in The Crown Tundra! I hope this guide has helped you out. If you need help catching any of the other legendary Pokemon in The Crown Tundra, check out my other Pokemon guides.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more content on The Crown Tundra.

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