How to get the lucrative Friend Bow in Rescue Team DX

Rescue Team DX has introduced Shiny Pokemon for the first time, so of course everyone wants to recruit them. But recruiting can be incredibly hard, unless you have something to boost your recruitment chances. That is where the Friend Bow comes into play. It increases the chances you will recruit a Pokemon, but only works if the leader holds it. Having multiple Friend Bows will not help you. So how can you obtain the Friend Bow in Rescue Team DX?


There are three dungeons you can retrieve this item from, Solar Cave, Mt. Faraway or Joyous Tower. All of these can only be done after you finish the main story. Of these three dungeons only Solar Cave can be accessed immediately. The other two must be unlocked by completing additional objectives. Due to this, the fastest way to get the Friend Bow is through Solar Cave.

Solar Cave is a 20-floor dungeon with psychic type Pokemon. While the dungeon is not too hard, you should still bring plenty of Oran Berries and Reviver Seeds just in case. There is always a chance of encountering a monster house after all! When you get to the final floor, the Friend Bow will be laid out before you. This is by far the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to get the Friend Bow.

friend bow 1 rescue team dx

Getting to Mt. Faraway or Joyous Tower are more time consuming tasks. Before you can unlock either of these dungeons you must complete the Stormy Sea dungeon. To unlock the Stormy Sea dungeon just do missions until Medicham is outside your house. Once you see Medicham go talk to it, who will direct you to Lombre who will direct you to Wishcash. After talking to Wishcash the Stormy Sea will be unlocked.

The Stormy Sea dungeon has 40 floors and has a boss at the end. It is not an easy dungeon, so you must go in prepared – my guide should help you out with that. Once you defeat the boss in the Stormy Sea, multiple post game storylines will start to unlock, the first one being the Buried Relic storyline. You do not need to do this to get to Mt. Faraway, so feel free to put it on hold. Just do some other missions, and one day a Spinda will walk into town. This is the storyline that will take you to Mt. Faraway.

spinda rescue team dx

Unfortunately, it will not be a fast journey. You will have to go through three separate dungeons which are 30 floors each, and each has its own boss at the end. Fortunately, these bosses are more like mini bosses, and much easier to defeat than the one in Story Sea. Remember to still approach these dungeons cautiously. The enemies can deal a lot of damage quickly. If you use the same team from the Stormy Sea dungeon, you should be fine.

After defeating the third boss, you will finally have access to Mt. Faraday. While this is a 60-floor dungeon, you only need to get to floor 30. Before you go in, make sure to have some invitations, as the Friend Bow will be locked in a special room that can only be accessed with one.

It is possible to encounter one of these special rooms before floor 30 as well. I recommend bringing 2-3 invitations just in case. Be aware that the Friend Bow only has a chance to spawn in these rooms, and it’s not guaranteed to spawn. In fact, if you have a Friend Bow in your bag it will not spawn.

invitation rescue team dx

The final dungeon to unlock for the Friend Bow is Joyous Tower. The storyline you have to complete for this one is chasing after a thief at the Northern Range. You will probably get this unlocked for you when pursuing the questline for Mt. Faraday, since the in-game event triggering the storyline happens a few days after Spinda visits town. The Northern Range has 25 floors, and is a cake walk compared to all the other dungeons you had to do. This storyline is by far the easiest.

After meeting up with the thief, you will then have to clear another dungeon called Pitfall Valley. It is only 25 floors and pretty easy to go through as well. Once you finish Pitfall Valley that’s it, you have Joyous Tower unlocked. All you have to do is go to the destination screen and it will appear.

joyous tower rescue team dx

Joyous Tower is a special dungeon that does not allow you to bring any items or money in, sets your level to 5, changes your moveset to match your level, and has 99 floors! But in this dungeon you can only get the Friend Bow from Kelceon’s shop for 5,000 Poke. This makes it the toughest dungeon to get the Friend Bow out of.

There you have it, all the ways you can obtain the Friend Bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. I hope this has helped you out, and good luck recruiting those shiny Pokemon!

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