How to recruit Mew in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Mew is a valuable Pokemon in Rescue Team DX due to how flexible it is. Mew is the only Pokemon that can learn every move in the game, allowing it to fill any role you need for your team. Mew could be an all out attacker, utilizing moves that hit the entire room, such as Heat Wave, Blizzard, or Discharge. Alternatively, it can provide support, able to heal your team of status conditions and restore HP. But how do you recruit Mew in Rescue Team DX?

Before you can find Mew, there are some requirements you have to fulfill. First, you have to beat the main storyline of the game. Second, you need to unlock the Stormy Sea dungeon and then defeat Kyogre on the final floor. The Stormy Sea is a difficult dungeon, which is why I have prepared a detailed guide to help you prepare for the tough journey. After you beat the Stormy Sea, an event will trigger the next day.

thestormysea recruit mew rescue team dx

You will be told about rumors of a brand new dungeon called the Buried Relic. This is a massive 99 floor dungeon, and the home of Mew. The dungeon is pretty easy to do after the Stormy Sea, but floors 80+ can be deadly. This is mostly because there are Pokemon with multi-hit moves, and there are more monster houses. Even though you have access to Buried Relic, you cannot recruit Mew just yet.

The bosses are Regirock on floor 15, Regice on floor 25, and Registeel on floor 35. These bosses are not as difficult as Kyogre, so you do not need to bring All Protect Orbs, All Power Up Orbs, or All Dodge Orbs. Just make sure to have plenty of food, Oran Berries, and Reviver Seeds.

After defeating each boss, you will receive an item. Once you have all three items, Mew can appear in the dungeon.

buried relic item

The process to to recruit Mew is different from all other legendary Pokemon in Rescue Team DX. There is no epic boss fight. Instead, Mew has a chance to spawn on floors 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 98. Additionally, Mew is not guaranteed to join your team when it is defeated, creating quite the challenge if you are not prepared!

To give yourself the best chance of recruiting Mew, make sure to have the Friend Bow, and the rare qualities Friendly and Squad Up. Make sure to also bring a Pokemon who knows False Swipe. If you do not know where to get the Friend Bow, I have a guide with everything you need to know to get it.

Next, recruit 5 Pokemon into your team as fast as possible to maximize Squad Up’s capabilities. Make sure to also bring plenty of Inviting Orbs, on the off chance Mew does not ask to join your team the first time you use one.

recruit mew rescue team dx friend bow

Other items you need to bring are the X-Ray Specs, Perfect Apples, and Big Apples. Hunger can be a real problem in this dungeon. So Perfect Apples help greatly, since they increase belly size. If you have the rare quality Tiny Stomach, you should bring it on your third Pokemon to help with hunger concerns. The X-Ray Specs will help you find Mew when you finally get to a floor Mew spawns on. Make sure to bring an Escape Orb too, if you do not plan to go through the entire dungeon.

If you want to make one trip, enter the dungeon and defeat Regirock, Regice, and Registeel as quickly as possible. After you get the item, you can start the hunt for Mew. When you get to floor 40, put on the X-Ray Specs and hunt down all the enemies you see.

Stay on the floor and run around to allow enemies to respawn, since every time an enemy spawns, there is a chance Mew will spawn. The only problem is that Mew has no special icon, and it will appear as a red square. So there is no way to tell if Mew has spawned until you see it.

recruit mew rescue team dx mew on map

Just be careful of the winds when they start blowing. You should make your way to the stairs immediately when the winds start up, because you do not want to get blown out of the dungeon!

When you finally encounter Mew, make sure that your team tactics is set to Do Not Attack. Double-check that the leader is holding the Friend Bow, and then use the Inviting Orb. Next, start attacking Mew with False Swipe to knock it out.

Then you just hope Mew asks to join your team and does not despawn. If Mew does not join, just keep spawning enemies, or go to the next floor Mew spawns on and try again.

recruit mew rescue team dx success

Once Mew finally joins your­ team, you have two choices. You can keep going until you get to floor 99, or use an Escape Orb. It is worth going to floor 99 for the rewards, if your team is strong enough. On the final floor you will find 8 Evolution Crystals, 4 Deluxe Chests, and another Friend Bow. Deluxe Chests can hold very valuable items, such as Rainbow Gummies or DX Gummies. The decision to leave or stay is up to you.

I hope this guide has helped you out, and good luck recruiting Mew in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX!

recruit Mew Rescue Team DX buried relic rewards

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