How to unlock all the Isle of Armor Pokemon dojo features

The Dojo in The Isle of Armor is what the storyline revolves around. But the Dojo is not just a prop – it becomes the main hub of the island, and is the only place there to heal up when you need to. But there is more than meets the eye to this little Dojo, as it is one of the best buildings in the game. The secret is to upgrade the Dojo, and trust me – this is something you want to do, especially if you like training Pokemon for online play.

The reason the Dojo is so amazing, is because you can buy all the EV increasing vitamins for an incredible price. Normally you have to pay 10,000 for just one vitamin. But in the Dojo you can get a vending machine that gives you amazing prices on bulk deals. This allows you to save money in the long run. As things always are with bulk deals, the more you buy, the better the price.

Dojo Isle of Armor bulk vitamins

Here are the vending machine’s options. You can get:

  • 1 vitamin for the normal price of 10,000
  • 5 for 40,000
  • 10 for 70,000
  • 25 for 125,000.

With 25 vitamins you can almost max out a single stat for a Pokemon. You will only need 2 more EVs to max the rest, making training a lot easier. Of course getting this vending machine comes at quite the cost, and is the last upgrade you can get.

To see how you get the vitamin vending machine, let’s take a look at how to upgrade the Dojo, and what these other upgrades are.

dojo isle of armor watt donation

In order to upgrade your Dojo, you have to talk to Honey, who will ask for Watt donations. If you reach Honey’s Watt donation goals she will upgrade the Dojo. Before giving her Watts you can ask about what the upgrade will be. Make sure to never donate her all of your Watts, because Honey will drain you. Her very last donation goal is 3,280,000 Watts! Do not worry though, you get the vitamin vending machine long before that outrageous goal.

The first upgrade is only 5,000 Watts and gets the Dojo a hairdresser, allowing you to change your looks at the Dojo. The amount of Watts you donate always adds onto each other, so you never have to restart from 0 Watts. For example, the next donation goal is 10,000 Watts. So you only have to donate 5,000 more Watts to reach that goal.

At 10,000 Watts, you get a Rotomi Machine, making the Dojo into a real Pokemon Center. Unfortunately it does not have software installed, so you cannot use it. To activate the Rotomi Machine, you have to donate another 10,000 Watts, making that a total of 20,000 Watts donated.

The next goal is 30,000 Watts to get a drink vending machine, but it only has Fresh Water.

dojo isle of armor rotomi

To get more drinks in the vending machine, you have to donate 10,000 Watts for Soda Pop and 10,000 Watts for Lemonade. Now the total donations should be at 50,000 Watts. After that the amount of Watts you have to donate makes a huge jump. You will have to donate 50,000 Watts to unlock cooking ingredients for the kitchen, making a total of 100,000 Watts donated.

When you unlock the cooking ingredients, you will be able to use the fridge in the kitchen. There you can get some ingredients from the fridge every day. Your options are Fruit Bunch, Moomoo Cheese, Large Leek, and Sausages. You can only get five items maximum each day, and can get multiple of the same item. With these ingredients you can cook different types of curry.

cooking ingredients

After that you can finally get the vitamin vending machine by donating another 100,000 Watts. However, there is a catch: it will only have Protein and Iron in it. To unlock the Calcium and Zinc, you must donate another 100,000 Watts. Then to get the Carbos and HP Up, you again have to donate 100,000 Watts.

Yes, it costs you 300,000 Watts to get access to all the vitamins. But it is worth the cost for cheap vitamins to EV train Pokemon with. Your total donation amount should be 400,000 Watts at this point.

Once you have the vitamin vending machine fully unlocked, there are no more upgrades for the Dojo itself. However, Honey will still offer some unique rewards for donating more Watts. Donating another 100,000 Watts will get you a special Master Dojo Design for your League Card.

The next donation goal after that then makes another massive leap, as you will have to donate 300,000 Watts to achieve it. This brings your total Watts donated to 800,000.

vitamin vending machine

What does donating 300,000 Watts get you? Well, Honey’s League Card of course! So if you are curious to know more about Honey, you can meet this goal. That is not the end of Honey’s Watt donation goals, though.

If you donate 200,000 more Watts – which takes you to 1 million Watts total – you can go against Honey in a trainer battle. Then you will be able to work towards the final donation goal.

This final goal takes the biggest leap of them all. You will have to donate a whopping 2,280,000 Watts, making a total of 3,280,000 Watts donated to the Dojo. This donation goal will give you a special cutscene and Honey’s rare League Card.


The Dojo has a few other features along with all these upgrades. If you go to the right side of the Dojo, you can challenge Mustard to a battle once a day. His Pokemon are in the 73-75 range and give great experience points. Beating him also awards you 30,000, and if you have an Amulet Coin this turns into 60,000. You can increase your earning even more by using a Gigantamax Meowth to get an additional 99,999 at the end of the battle.

Another important thing in the right side of the Dojo is the Cram-o-matic. This nifty device lets you combine items together to create new ones. You can get useful items such as Flame Orbs, a Wide Lens, and much more. You can also combine Apricorns together in the hopes of getting Apricorn Pokeballs. The Cram-o-matic certainly has a lot to offer. cramomatic

You can also battle your rival once a day in the Dojo, and they will be standing near the entrance. Your rival will have level 65-67 Pokemon. Your rival awards less money, by giving you only 8,040 or 16,080 if you have the Amulet Coin. You can still get an extra 99,999 with a Gigantamax Meowth though, so if you need so money it is worth the quick battle.

Hop will be standing around in the Dojo too. While he will not battle you, Hop will help you with the Isle of Armor Pokedex. Every day he will share one Pokemon from the island with you. You do not get the Pokedex entry, but you can look up where that Pokemon is located by going to it in the Pokedex.


Directly behind Hop is the brand new Move Tutor. Unlike past games where Move Tutors would teach moves that already exist in the game, this guy has never-before-seen moves. There are a total of 18 new moves, and each move represents a different type such as fairy, dark, and so on. He will only tutor your Pokemon for the cost of 5 Armorite Ore though, which you can find throughout the island. Stay tuned for a guide on how to find Armorite Ore.

At the back of the Dojo you can participate in a new game mode called Restricted Sparring. In this game mode you have to select a type of Pokemon you want to battle with, and can only use three Pokemon of that type. As always, you cannot have duplicate Pokemon or items. You then have to try and defeat 5 trainers in a row to win, and you can only heal up your team twice. This creates a hard challenge that’s different than the typical Battle Tower.

tutor moves

Then of course, you can make Max Soup in the Dojo’s Kitchen. Just give the cook 3 Max Mushrooms and you can unlock the Gigantamax potential in your Pokemon. If you are having trouble finding Max Mushrooms, then check out my guide on that!

As you can see, the Dojo in The Isle of Armor has a lot more to offer than what you see at first. It becomes your one-stop shop for everything you need on the Isle of Armor. Just make sure to upgrade it, and the Dojo will greatly help you in training your Pokemon for online battles.

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