Mythical Pokemon Zarude’s signature move is revealed – is it any good?

A few days ago Nintendo released some details on the signature move of the upcoming mythical Pokemon Zarude. Starting at level 90, Zarude will be able to learn the move Jungle Healing. The description states that this non-damaging Grass type move will heal both the user and their partner Pokemon. On top of that, it also cures any status conditions either Pokemon may have.

Jungle Healing will be exclusive to Zarude, at least for now. The announcement mentions that in future games other Pokemon may be able to learn it.

How good is Jungle Healing?

This is clearly a support-oriented move. However, Zarude does not come off as a support kind of Pokemon. While we don’t have too many details on Zarude yet, this “Rogue Monkey Pokemon” has the look and feel of a fast, physical attacker. With a support Pokemon, you generally want them to be able to tank a few hits. Fast, physical attackers are not known for being able to tank well. 

We do know that Zarude is a mythical Pokemon, and nearly all mythical Pokemon have a base stat total of 600. For example, Mew is a mythical Pokemon, and all six of their stats have a base of 100. With a base state total of 600, Zarude is almost certain to have some decent bulk.Jungle Healing

Zarude has a few other advantages that make Jungle Healing a great fit for this Pokemon. The most debilitating status condition is Sleep. At the moment, the most common way to spread Sleep is Venasaur’s Sleep Powder. Zarude is Grass type, and thus immune to Sleep Powder. This means that if Venusaur was bent on putting something to Sleep, it would have to target Zarude’s partner. Zarude could then safely use Jungle Healing to wake them up. 

If Zarude is fast – which I imagine it will be – then they will be able to make even better use of Jungle Healing. If Zarude is able to outspeed their partner, then Jungle Healing can cure a status condition before the afflicted Pokemon even suffers from the effect. For example, Jungle Healing could alleviate a burn, and the accompanying attack drop, before the burned Pokemon moves, allowing them to deal full damage.

Overall, Zarude is looking to be an interesting Pokemon. Depending on the rest of their moveset, this rogue monkey might have the flexibility to be a full support, an offensive threat, or something in between. Hopefully we will be able to see Zarude, along with the other new Pokemon coming to Sword and Shield, make an impact on the competitive scene. 

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