5 awesome new features in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is finally out, and I had the chance to check out everything the game has to offer. I can tell you that Spike Chunsoft has really improved the Mystery Dungeon series. Rescue Team DX has tons of amazing features, each one improving upon the last to make for a more enjoyable Pokemon experience. I will go over five of these features with you.

Shiny Pokemon

Rescue Team DX is the first game to have recruitable shiny Pokemon! I know shiny Celebi has appeared in the past but she was part of the story. What I am talking about is finding shiny Pokemon inside dungeons, and actually recruiting them!

If you are lucky, that is. You cannot just recruit any Pokemon you see inside a dungeon. Instead, there is a chance they will want to join your team after being defeated. Sadly, there will be many scenarios of knocking out a shiny Pokemon and not recruiting it.

rescue team dx shiny pokemon

You must make sure you have the correct camp unlocked, or the shiny Pokemon will bid farewell to your team. Due to this, it is very handy to always have a Wigglytuff Orb on hand, and at least 9k Poke. That way you can buy any camp you need on the spot, and avoid saying goodbye to a shiny Pokemon.

Rare qualities

Rescue Team DX has replaced looplets and emeras with rare qualities. Each Pokemon can only have one rare quality, but it shares this quality with the entire team. That means you may want to change your team around, based on the rare qualities of the members.

You can add or change rare qualities with rainbow gummies or DX gummies. Be aware these only have a small chance to give a random rare quality and stat boost. If they do not give a Pokemon a rare quality, they instead apply a random stat boost of one or more. You can also find rare qualities on Pokemon in dungeons when they request to join your team.

rescue team dx rare_qualities

Let me give you some examples of how valuable these qualities can be. The PP Pouch quality gives everyone on the team a chance to have their PP restored when an enemy is defeated, allowing you to not solely rely on Max Elixirs to restore PP. Another example is the Steamroll quality. This makes not very effective moves do normal damage. Bringing this quality means you can make up for bad type match-ups in dungeons.

No more saving screens

In previous Mystery Dungeon games you would get the Saving the Game text when you went from one day to the next. Players had to manually save before or during dungeons to keep progress as well. However, you could only save and quit while in a dungeon. Meaning if your 3DS died before you got a chance to save, then you would lose all your progress.

rescue team dx home screen

Now saving has been put entirely behind the scenes. Throughout the entire game I could not tell when the game saved my progress. That is how well they updated this process. The game does not only automatically save after your character goes to sleep, it also saves continuously throughout dungeons.

As a test, I went to the second floor of a dungeon and moved to a different room. Then closed my game. When I opened it up I was still on the second floor and in the same exact spot. So if you ever find that you have to close the game during a dungeon, do not worry.

The option to save and quit the game is still here, giving players extra security to ensure their progress is not lost.

Auto mode

The demo version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX only showed a portion of auto mode’s usefulness. It turns out auto mode will take the player straight to their objectives, since now you can automatically see the items or Pokemon you need to help on the map. It is just a matter of getting to them – and auto mode is great because it speeds up the movement of your team. Sure, you can get to your objective on your own. But with auto mode you do not have to worry about getting stuck on walls or overshooting your dashes. Just remember, that it does turn off when you encounter an enemy.

rescue team dx automode

Auto mode is useful for many more things. As it turns out, it has a priority system when deciding where your character will go. The top priority is the objective, but if you do not have a task to complete it will instead go after all the items on the map.

Auto mode will also take your character to special tiles for the bonus it gives your team. The stairs are the last priority on auto mode, and it will only take you to them if you found them. Otherwise your character will continue to explore, so you cannot lazily find the stairs. Be careful of rooms that are full of items though, because those are often a trap. Or they could be a Kecleon shop if you are lucky!

Mega evolution

Surprisingly mega evolution is back, and this time it is way better. The whole looplets and emeras have been completely removed. You do not have to worry about that system being back. Instead, in order to bring back mega evolution we now have the Empowerment Seed. This means that you are not limited to use mega evolution in the same dungeon you find the Empowerment Seed in. You can store it in the bank and choose when to use it.


How does it work? Well, you just simply make the character you want to power up eat the seed. If they do not have a mega evolution they get a stat boost. If they do have a mega evolution they change forms and get the stat boost.

Unlike in Super Mystery Dungeon, there is no timer on this effect, and you no longer go on a rampage and kill your team. When I used the Empowerment Seed, my Absol stayed in its mega evolution for all 15 floors. So if there is a floor limit to how long you can be mega evolved, it is quite high. I think this is a far better version of mega evolution, allowing players to have fun instead of trying to limit them!

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