Newest Pokemon legendary Urshifu packs a punch

Many players have been wanting to know more about Urshifu since it was announced in the latest Pokemon Direct. Urshifu will arrive the first ever Pokemon DLC Isle of Armor , which is set to release in June. Here is what we know so far!

Urshifu starts off as Kubfu, and is a fighting type Pokemon given to you by Mustard, who is your mentor. Unlike most Pokemon, Urshifu will have a split evolution. It can be a fighting water type, or a fighting dark type. It is not yet clear how it evolves, but I speculate that players will be able to choose which type it evolves into. Each type will have its own unique Gigantamax form and G-max moves.

This was all the information was given to us about Urshifu so far, but we can make quite a few informed guesses based on it. Players are supposed to train with Kubfu at a dojo in Pokemon Isle of Armor. Players will also have a rival to train with, who I believe will also have a Kubfu.

Since we know Urshifu evolves based on the fighting style it knows, it makes sense that players will be educated about each style. The fighting dark style is single-strike style, and the fighting water style is rapid-strike style. After learning about what each of these styles is about, players will be presented with a choice. Do they want to become a master in single-strike style, or rapid-strike style?

I think the single-strike style will focus on being patient and delivering one powerful attack to knock opponents out. An Urshifu Pokemon specializing in this style will have a higher attack stat and a lower speed stat. Meanwhile, rapid-strike style will focus on delivering multiple lightning fast attacks which cannot be dodged, to deliver a KO. An Urshifu specializing in this fighting style will have a higher speed stat and lower attack stat; at least lower in comparison to the single strike style Urshifu.

Once the choice is made, the player’s rival will choose to master the other style. Then the player will go through various trials to master their skill, competing with their rival along the way. On the last trial is when Kubfu will evolve, finally mastering its fighting style. Of course, the player’s rival will challenge them to see who has mastered their style of choice better, in an epic Urshifu vs. Urshifu Gigantamax battle!

What about Urshifu’s moves and abilities? Game Freak did not tell us anything about these either. Rapid-strike style Urshifu will definitely have a signature move with water typing. I believe that this will be a multi hit move, just from hearing the name of the style. Hopefully it is guaranteed to hit 4-5 times in one turn.

As for single-strike style, it will probably be a dark type signature move. This move will attack once and could have a secondary effect. For example, it could boost one of Urshifu’s stats, paralyze the opponent, or lower their evasiveness.

As for the new Pokemon’s ability and G-max moves, these will be harder to predict. Urshifu’s ability could take advantage of its unique techniques. Maybe it would empower water or dark type moves? It is even possible that Urshifu’s ability changes depending on what type it is. We know this ability must be brand new, and not something familiar to players, like Iron Fist or Guts.

For now I can only speculate what Game Freak has in store for Urshifu’s G-max moves. The mechanic is still so new, it is hard to predict how it would work in this case. However, Urshifu has to do more than just boost some stats for itself and the team. Maybe it could confuse an opponent with the speed of its G-max attack, or relentlessly attack them with its fists every turn for chip damage. This could be similar – although still quite different – to how Whirlpool or Sand Tomb works. I do know that the new moves must be different from current G-max moves.

Well, we’ve done an awful lot of speculation here. While we wait to see how the newest legendary Pokemon would work, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! What do you think Urshifu’s ability and G-max moves will be like?

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