Pokemon Day is about to crash the Pokemon Sword and Shield economy

There is a special event taking place right now in Pokemon Sword and Shield to celebrate the 24th birthday of Pokemon. It is Pokemon Day, and the event celebrating it has some epic rewards. The event will run until March 1, and it looks like it may crash the game’s unofficial economy.

How to maximize your rewards

Right now players can find the original three starters and their second evolutions in dens. There is a chance for these starters to be shiny and have their hidden abilities. Not only that, but the very first legendary den has been released! For the first time players can battle Mewtwo in raids. You cannot catch Mewtwo though, and it is shiny-locked. That’s fair, since being was catchable would diminish his status as a legendary Pokemon.


Besides Mewtwo, the best thing about this event are the rewards for defeating the event raids. Each event Pokemon has its own special rewards. Bulbasaur and Ivysaur drop toxic orbs, Charmander and Charmeleon drop flame orbs, and Squirtle and Wartortle drop life orbs. All of these orbs have a 50% drop rate.

What makes these orbs so special? Their rarity of course! Excluding the life orb, the flame and toxic orb could only be obtained by random chance when defeating the Pokemon league. The problem is that there are over 28 items you can win from beating the Pokemon league, and you only receive one item per run. This makes the chances of getting an orb the normal way extremely low.

As a result, these orbs gained a lot of value in the Pokemon community. They became a currency for Pokemon trades. Due to their rarity players could request equally rare Pokemon in exchange for their orbs. Most of these trade negotiations take place over Discord servers. Well, this system is about to collapse.


The rise of this event means now is the time to do as many event dens as possible. Trust me, you want to stock up on as many flame and toxic orbs as you can. Do not bother with life orbs, those are easily obtained at the Battle Tower. Think of flame and toxic orbs as money you can use to get the Pokemon you want.

We have no idea if we will ever get an event like this again. Once Pokemon Day is over, flame and toxic orbs will return to being rare and lucrative items. Of course, immediately after the event everyone will have them, which will temporarily depreciate their value. But after a few months go by, it will be up again. I advise you to save your orbs for when demand rises.

What about Mewtwo? Don’t worry, Mewtwo has amazing rewards as well. For anyone who needs to farm candy, Mewtwo is the way to go. Just defeating him once gives 20 large xp candies, 10 xtra large xp candies, and 5 dynamax candy. Normally you can only get a max of 3 large, 3 xtra large candy, and 3 dynamax candy. These items are essential to leveling Pokemon up fast so they can be battle ready!


Mewtwo drops plenty of other goodies as well. He can drop various vitamins for EV training, bottlecaps, and even an ability capsule. The ability capsule is worth a whopping 50 BP, so it is a fair prize for defeating Mewtwo. He also drops gold nuggets, pearl strings, and other items you can sell to vendors for high prices.

Even though he drops these expensive items, you should not farm Mewtwo for money. If you need some cash there are far more efficient ways to do so in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

There is one final item, although it’s currently just a rumor. Supposedly, Mewtwo has a 1% chance to drop a Master Ball. That’s is the most valuable item in the game due to the difficulties of catching Gigantamax Pokemon.

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