Pokemon Direct announces huge plans for 2020

The first Pokemon Direct of 2020 dropped this morning, bringing tons of exciting information to Pokemon fans everywhere! Everyone was speculating that this Direct would announce the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. But what we got was a different kind of remake, that many people apparently wanted but did not expect: a remake of the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Team.

The remakes are called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX. This is huge, because the Mystery Dungeon franchise has been one greatly enjoyed by fans, but there was a fear that it had been discontinued. The last time we got a Mystery Dungeon game was way back in 2015, in the form of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. That game only had Pokemon up to Black and White, so we missed out on the entire Sun and Moon generation of Pokemon.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX—Announcement Trailer

The art style in the remake is completely different from all previous Mystery Dungeon games. It has a mix of the 3D models and hand drawn art style, making it a perfect blend of 3D and 2D art. This new art style brings a whole new feeling to the world of Pokemon. You get the sense that a lot more love and care is being put into this game, and that means a lot.

In the previous 3D Mystery Dungeon games, the Pokemon models felt out of place. The 2D Mystery Dungeon games were beautiful and the 3D ones felt just… awkward. The games were still a lot of fun because it’s Pokemon, but you knew they could have done better.

Well, from the looks of the trailer they have finally got it right. It once again has the same charm that the 2D Mystery Dungeons had. You can tell just by looking that this remake is going to be amazing. Below is a comparison of the Super Mystery Dungeon with Rescue Team DX.

After that, the presentation moved onto exciting news for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Without saying anything, they just hit us with a trailer of whats to come. For the first time ever, they are releasing DLC for Pokemon. In the past they usually created additional games to bring out new content. For example, releasing Ultra Sun and Moon after the release of Sun and Moon.

Also announced were two new DLCs, called Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. Players can access both DLCs by purchasing the expansion pass for $29.99. Isle of Armor is going to release in June, and Crown Tundra is going to release sometime in the fall.

These two new areas will bring back beloved Pokemon such as Garchomp, Venasaur, and much more! They are even adding 2 new legendary Pokemon with these new areas. Keeping to their theme of version exclusives, the DLC for Sword and Shield will have different Pokemon available. There will also be different rivals depending on whether you have Sword or Shield, similar to Sword and Shield having different gym leaders.

Not only all that, but they are bringing back all the legendary Pokemon into the game through this DLC. So now players can have access to all their favorite legendary Pokemon. They are adding many new Gigantamax forms for Pokemon including some legendary Pokemon! You should check out all the specifics of this DLC: there is a ton of information.

Game Freak has also thought about the players who do not want to purchase the expansion pass. These players will be able to access all the Pokemon introduced in the DLC by trading with players who do have the pass, or importing them from Pokemon Home. They will not be able to catch the Pokemon in their own Sword or Shield game.

After the whole Pokemon Home presentation, they finally announced it is planned to release in February. No specific date was given, so it could be anytime in February. More updates are expected throughout the year, of course. This Direct definitely gave Pokemon fans a lot to look forward to this year!

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