Pokemon GO players may have to pay to transfer their collections to Pokemon HOME

Pokemon GO players had a lot to be excited about with the latest Nintendo Direct. It was announced that fans of the mobile game would soon be able to transfer their Pokemon to the cloud storage app Pokemon Home. However, the excitement was damped somewhat by hints that transferring Pokemon might come at a cost. 

A blurb on a Nintendo support page and the Chinese Pokemon Home website both indicate that using this service will require spending Pokecoins, the ingame currency for Pokemon GO. With Pokemon collections easily reaching into the thousands on the mobile game, paying for transfers could potentially be a huge burden on players. 

Why is there a cost at all?

The fact that there is a cost associated with this connection at all is surprising in the first place. While Pokemon Home has a free version, it’s limited to the point of being almost useless for its main function: storing Pokemon. For many players, the paid, subscription version of Home is a must to maintain their collections. Having to make additional payments on the side of Pokemon GO to use this service would have players understandably upset. 

Obtaining Pokecoins in Pokemon GO doesn’t necessarily require players to spend real world money. Pokecoins are awarded to players for controlling gyms. However, players in areas with few gyms or in hotly contested areas can struggle to build up the currency. What few coins they get they likely will want to use on other important features like raid passes or incubators.

At this point, we know very little about the interactions between Pokemon GO and Pokemon Home. We don’t have a release date for this feature, any idea how payments will be implemented, or even if Pokecoin payments will be required when it does release. For the time being players can just look forward with a conservative optimism to a time when their vast collections can be freed from their phones. 

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