Pokemon The Isle of Armor, and what it means for Sword and Shield

For the first time ever Pokemon is releasing DLC. In the past they have always created a new game to expand on their worlds: this time they are doing something new. The Pokemon Direct released earlier today dropped a ton of information on the upcoming DLC, The Isle of Armor. Let’s take a look at everything revealed! Be warned, however: there will be spoilers!

The Isle of Armor is an island off the coast of Galar, which brings an entirely new area for players to explore. Here you will find Pokemon from previous games. This is their way of expanding the Galar Pokedex even more and bringing back beloved Pokemon. In the image above, you can see Talonflame flying about, and Slowpoke on the beaches.

Volcarona, Sealeo, Lycanroc, Kingdra, Dedenne, Venasaur, and Blastoise are making a return to the game. Also revealed were several new Gigantamax forms for Blastoise, Venasaur, Cinderace, Rillaboom, and Intellion. A lot of players wondered why the starters did not get a Gigantamax form when Sword and Shield released: now we know. In all, about 200 Pokemon are going to be reintroduced through both The Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC.

New Gigantamax forms are not the only thing added to previous Pokemon. There is now a brand new Galarian form of the Pokemon Slowpoke. It does not look that much different than normal Slowpoke, it just has some nice yellow added to its head and tail. Interestingly enough, its typing is still psychic, so it must gain a secondary typing when it evolves.

We also know that this Slowpoke requires items to evolve. If you give Slowpoke an item from Isle of Armor it evolves into Galarian Slowbro, and if the item is from Crown Tundra it evolves into Galarian Slowking. It probably gets a new second typing when evolving, but that remains a mystery.

Note also, that in the Isle of Armor trailer, Galarian Slowbro was mostly kept secret. However, you can see part of Slowbro’s body. Its hand and the end of its tail are purple.

On this isle you will become an apprentice at a dojo. Your mentor will be Mustard, who is a previous champion and also mentored Leon. As always, you need a rival to test your skills and help you grow stronger. However, your rival will not be Hop, but someone you have never met before. If you have Sword, your rival will be a poison type user named Klara. With Shield, your rival will be a psychic type user named Avery.

As you train at Mustard’s dojo, he will eventually entrust you with Kubfu, a new fighting type legendary Pokemon. When you complete your training, Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu which has two forms. It has single strike style, which turns it into a fighting dark type, and rapid strike style which turns it into a fighting water type. Urishifu brings with it a new ability, but its effects are a secret for now.

Both of these forms also have their own unique Gigantamax forms and signature moves. The trailer specifies that you can choose to evolve Kubfu into one of these two styles. This suggests that the styles are not specific to either game, meaning the player has the option to choose which style they prefer.

Isle of Armor also brings with it move tutors, apricorns, and an EXP charm, which is huge. Move tutors means more move variety for your Pokemon. It also means that some moves which were originally not in the game may make a return.

The apricorns matter too; right now it is difficult to get special apricorn balls. Currently, the Pokeball guy will give you one of each apricorn pokeball: heavy ball, lure ball, friend ball, love ball, level ball, fast ball, and moon ball. Besides that, the only other way to get an apricorn ball is to win the Pokemon league and then hope the Pokeball guy gives you an apricorn ball as a reward. And the chance of that happening is slim to none, since the list of items the Pokeball guy can give you is a long one. A lot of players care about apricorn balls because they like pairing Pokemon with the perfect pokeball, so they can look cool. Each pokeball has a unique special effect when the Pokemon inside first comes out during a battle. So this will be a relief to many.

As for the EXP charm, it will further help players get their Pokemon ready for competitive matches.

The last new addition in The Isle of Armor is more customization. No DLC would be complete without brand new customization options. Not only are players getting new clothes, bags, and hair styles, but we also get a customizable rotom bike. This is great news, since the rotom bike itself has no customization at the moment. The only thing players can customize is what they wear when they ride the bike, and even those options are severely limited.

With all these new customization options, players will have a way to express themselves more in the world of Pokemon.

The announcement of The Isle of Armor brings new hope to Pokemon’s future. Players do not have to worry about buying another $60 game to get new content. Instead, Pokemon can keep their current game and improve upon it with DLC.

The addition of DLC also means that eventually, the national Pokedex could make its way back into the game. There was a lot of negativity around Sword and Shield‘s release because of its removal, but Game Freak is working hard to regain the trust of their playerbase.

If this breakdown was not enough for you, the Pokemon website has been updated with the announcements made today, to showcase more art and information for The Isle of Armor.

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