How to choose between Regieleki and Regidrago in Pokemon The Crown Tundra DLC

The Crown Tundra introduced two new Regi- Pokemon, Regidrago and Regieleki. Now players are faced with a difficult choice, as you can only choose one to catch.

Since the game does not tell you anything about these Pokemon, making the decision is difficult. So I will tell you everything about Regieleki and Regidrago in Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra so you can make the best choice.

Regieleki typing and ability

Regieleki is a simple electric type which is one of the better types to be right now. Electric type Pokemon only have a weakness to ground making them tough to deal with. Additionally, they cannot be paralyzed, and are resistant to electric, flying, and steel type moves. Just by looking at typing Regieleki is already better than Regidrago.

But let’s look into the other details about Regieleki before deciding anything.

Regieleki has a new ability called Transistor. What Transistor does is increase the damage of electric type moves by 50%. This stacks with the built in 50% damage bonus all Pokemon get for using a move that is the same type as them. Meaning Regieleki’s electric type moves do 100% more damage!

Regieleki Stats and Nature

Now lets take a look at something more important, Regieleki’s stats. Regieleki has 80 hp, 100 attack, 50 defense, 100 special attack, 50 special defense, and a whopping 200 speed, making it one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. From just looking at its stats Reieleki could make a great glass cannon, dealing heavy damage at the cost of having terrible defenses.

So what options do you have for natures and EV spreads for Regieleki? Its base speed is so high, so you do not want to use a nature that boosts speeds. You may not even want to invest any speed EVs since Regieleki will be able to outspeed everything naturally.

At the most you will have to invest a few points in speed if players start using Choice Scarves to outspeed a Regieleki with no speed investment. This will depend on how other players will be putting EVs into their own Regielekis and other Pokemon.

regieleki stats lvl 100 Regieleki or Regidrago The Crown Tundra

The best nature for Regieleki is going to be Modest, which increases special attack and decreases attack. As for the EV spread, you will want 252 special attack for sure. Other than that you can experiment with spreads in other stats. You could do 220 hp, 4 def, 4 special defense, and 28 speed. This would give Regieleki some bulk to survive another attack, and some speed to outspeed Choice Scarf Pokemon.

It is hard to tell which EV spread will be the most optimal, as Regieleki is still so new, and it cannot be played in online ranked battles until November.

You will notice that its attack and special attack stats are the same, meaning it could have potential to be a physical or special attacker. That is until you look at the moves it can learn. Regieleki can only learn one physical electric type move, so the clear choice for Regieleki is to be a special attacker.

Regieleki’s movepool

This brings us to Regieleki’s movepool, which is not that diverse. Regieleki can learn all the best electric type moves there are, such as Rising Voltage and Thunder. It does lack diversity in the moves it can learn, however. Many players see this as a downside, but if you think about it this is not really a bad thing.

You see, Regielek’s electric type moves are so powered up by its ability that the lack of coverage does not matter. Running moves that are not electric type would be a waste of Regieleki’s potential. Regieleki can easily one shot many Pokemon with no defenses that take neutral damage from its electric moves – especially if you equip Regieleki with choice specs, which increases its damage by another 50%.

Take Regieleki into a Pokemon damage calculator and play around with the values yourself, and you will see how powerful it can be.

regieleki moves pic

Due to Regieleki’s strength, an amazing partner for it will be Tapu Koko. This is because Tapu Koko’s ability is Electric Surge, which turns the terrain into Electric Terrain when it comes into battle. This will boost Regieleki’s power by another 30%, and make optimal use out of the move Rising Voltage.

Regieleki also has access to its own move called Thunder Cage, which traps the target in a cage of electricity for 5 turns. During these turns the Pokemon cannot be switched out and takes damage. This is a powerful move. Preventing a Pokemon from switching out allows you to take control of the battle, and the chip damage is just a nice bonus.

Other moves to consider teaching Regieleki are Electroweb, Volt Switch, Protect, and Thunderbolt. You may be wondering why not Electro Ball, since this move does more damage if the user is faster than the target. Well, it turns out even with Regieleki’s insanely fast speed, this does not boost Electro Ball’s power by that much. It is still outclassed by the other electric type moves Regieleki can learn, so you shouldn’t run this move.

Regieleki is going to be a fierce opponent for sure. Now let’s take a look at Regidrago!

regieleki thunder cage

Regidrago’s type and ability

Regidrago is a pure dragon type Pokemon and although powerful, this is not as good as Regieleki’s typing. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of strong fairy types being used in the meta right now.

Add on the fact that all the Tapu Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon are now legal, and that weakens Regidrago’s case even more, as all the Tapu Pokemon are fairy types. Still, Regidrago does have some things going for it.

Regidrago has a new ability called Dragon’s Maw, which boosts the power of Dragon type moves by 50%. Just like Transistor, this stacks onto the base 50% damage boost all Pokemon get for using a move that is the same type as them. It allows Regidrago’s move to hit for 100% more damage.

But how good are Regidrago’s stats?

regidrago following

Regidrago’s stats

Regidrago has a massive 200 hp stat, 100 attack, 50 defense, 100 special attack, 50 special defense, and 80 speed. At first glance you may think that large hp stat would be a big advantage. But due to its low defense stats, the high hp does not make Regidrago an unstoppable force. Regidrago can be slightly bulky just because it has so much hp, but nothing to be impressed by.

As for its attack and special attack, these are decent being base 100. Unlike Regieleki, Regidrago has access to several special and physical dragon moves. So you could make a physical or special attacking Regidrago. However, I think the special Regidrago will be much better since its signature move, Dragon Energy, is a special move.

As for Regidrago’s speed, I would say it is a good mid-tier speed stat, but is definitely too fast for any Trick Room teams.

regidrago stats Regieleki or Regidrago The Crown Tundra

Since Regidrago has such a large hp stat, you should not invest any EVs into it. Instead focus on beefing up Regidragos defenses, special attack, and speed.

You can go Timid nature to increases its speed and lower its attack. Then invest 252 in speed, 252 in special attack, and 4 in defense or special defense. Regidrago could also make great use out of a Choice Scarf, which would allow you to outspeed Pokemon faster than you normally, and take opponents by surprise. Choice Specs is another good option to boost Regidrago’s power.

Alternatively, if you want to be able to make use of both special and physical attacks, then use a Hasty nature. This will increase speed, and lower defense. Then you can put 252 in speed, 252 in special attack, and 4 in attack. If you want a Regidrago with better defenses, then try out 252 in special attack, 132 in special defense, and 124 in defense.

Regidrago’s movepool

Like Regieleki, Regidrago does not have access to many coverage moves. But when its dragon type moves hit so hard, do you really need anything else? A lot of the time, using non-dragon type moves will do less damage than if you used a dragon move.

You will definitely want the moves Draco Meteor and Dragon Energy. If you are using a Choice Scarf Regidrago, you could set off a maximum power Dragon Energy right at the start of battle to obliterate an opponent.

regidrago moves Regieleki or Regidrago The Crown Tundra

Other moves you can run on Regidrago are Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, Explosion, and Fire Fang. Dragon Pulse is another solid dragon type move that deals great damage. While Hyper Beam gives you an option for hitting fairy type Pokemon, which are immune to dragon type moves. Explosion gives you the option of just going out with a bang if the opponent has Pokemon your dragon moves would be useless against.

As for Fire Fang, this move can be helpful in dealing with the many steel types running around that are resistant to dragon type moves.

Which to choose?

There is everything you need to know about Regieleki and Regidrago in Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra. Right now things are looking in Regieleki’s favor, as it is better than Regidrago. Regieleki has much better typing than Regidrago, and having a whopping 200 speed stat is way better than having 200 in hp.

Many would agree with this verdict, as Regieleki is currently the fifth most-used Pokemon in unranked online battles, while Regidrago is nowhere to be found.

regidrago dragon energy move used

That’s not to say Regidrago is useless, just that Regieleki is all-around more competitive option given in The Crown Tundra. Regidrago can still be a threat. You just need to think more about who you want on your team with Regidrago. Either way, expect to see a lot of Regieleki in ranked battles once November rolls around.

With all the information above you can decide who to choose between Regieleki and Regidrago in Pokemon The Crown Tundra based on your team’s needs. I hope this guide has helped you out, and stay tuned for more guides on The Crown Tundra!

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