The best maps in New Pokemon Snap

Spoiler Alert: the Research Camp is NOT on this list.

New Pokemon Snap makes us travel through many different locations, each with its own environment and unique Pokemon. But what is the ultimate travel destination in Lental? Here is a rundown of the best maps in New Pokemon Snap.

Maricopia Island: Blushing Beach

The Blushing Beach is the ideal map to see Pokemon just chilling and taking it easy. The beautiful weather and peaceful setting let them enjoy their life at peace, and you may come across Raichu surfing on his tail or Blastoise snoring on the beach.

The Blushing Beach is a good map to see some unusual Pokemon behavior, and it is way more peaceful than the Elsewhere Forest or Outaway Cave.

Blushing Beach New Pokemon Snap

Florio Island: Natural Park

The Natural Park of Florio Island is the first map players get to know in New Pokemon Snap. Despite being designed as a tutorial map, the Park is full of surprises.

There are alternative paths, evolutions depending on your level, and new Pokemon appearing throughout the adventure. The day and night cycle is also great, offering a new view on an otherwise classic map.

New Pokemon Snap Natural Park

Voluca Island: Sweltering Sands

The Sweltering Sands is a funny map. It is not necessarily the most breathtaking one, nor the one filled with the rarest Pokemon. However, seeing Cacnea roll down a dune before flying away to a sand tornado never gets old.

At night, Cacnea are still as active, but with no risk of traveling via tornado. New Pokemon also appear, bringing more life to the desert. But the nights are dangerous, so beware of fights between Pokemon on your way.

new pokemon snap sweltering sands

Voluca Island: Fireflow Volcano

If you are a regular tourist to the Fireflow Volcano, a friendly Altaria will greet you and follow you around as soon as you land with the Neo-One. Doesn’t that make for a wonderful beginning of a trip?

Fireflow Volcano is home to way more dangerous Pokemon than Altaria, though. You may even encounter two Tyrantrum fighting, while the meeker Pokemon flee as fast as they can to avoid being caught between the two dinosaurs.

New Pokemon Snap Fireflow Volcano

Durice Island: Outaway Cave

The Outaway Cave is a night-only map, as the sun never shines on this mysterious cave. You may even need to increase the brightness of your screen to see something in the first steps in the Outaway Cave. Once you start exploring the cave deeper, huge luminous crystals appear, bringing some color and light to an otherwise dull cave.

The Outaway Cave also features several Pokemon unique to this map, and each visit brings its share of surprises. There is even an underground jungle within the cave, home to some cute Pokemon just waiting for you to take their picture.

Outaway Cave New Pokemon Snap

Belusylva Island: Elsewhere Forest

The Elsewhere Forest on Belusylva Island is the very best New Pokemon Snap map. The many trees hide various species of Pokemon, including some which are invisible unless you throw them an apple.

Each trip to the Elsewhere Forest is different, as the map changes seasons regularly. You can make a trip there and marvel at the spring scenery, only to come back to the Elsewhere Forest a second later and discover the same environment but covered with snow.

Each season also features different Pokemon, offering many opportunities to fill up your Pokemon photo album.

Elsewhere Forest New Pokemon Snap

Which New Pokemon Snap maps do you think are the best? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget that the more you travel to a location, the more secrets you will uncover!

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