The Crown Tundra: Breakdown of Phase 2 of Pokemon’s Expansion Pass

The Crown Tundra is part 2 of Pokemon’s upcoming expansion pass. With it come a whole new set of features and Pokemon for Sword and Shield. Let’ dive in! Just be warned: like with our breakdown of The Isle of Armor, there will be spoilers!

The Crown Tundra takes place in a frigid mountainous region. There are a few small villages clumped together that the player will find. It is the exact opposite of the sunny beaches from The Isle of Armor. There will be an entirely new wild area for players to explore, and more dens to find Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon in.

In this wild area you will be able to encounter many Pokemon from past games, including Auroras, Nidoran, Sealeo, and Garchomp. There is also a new Galarian form of the Pokemon Slowpoke. With a special item found only in The Crown Tundra, Slowpoke can evolve into Slowking. The devs want to keep Slowking’s final look somewhat of a secret, because they blocked out his head in the trailer.

Something even more amazing in this wondrous region are the new Gigantamax legendary Pokemon! Revealed in the trailer were the Gigantamax forms of Moltress, Articuno, Zapdos, Registeel, and maybe even Regigigas. It is hard to tell for sure which Regi- legendary would turn into this yellow Gigantamax form.

Pokemon direct newgigantamax

Just when you thought they could not make anymore wild announcements, they dropped this one: every single legendary will be making a comeback in The Crown Tundra. Legendaries always hold a special place in the Pokemon games; these are the Pokemon that the games are centered around and get their stories from. This begs the question, how many will get Gigantamax forms? Will they all get some, or only a select few? Legendary Pokemon are powerful and Gigantamax forms will just boost their incredible power even more. Hopefully nothing will wind up being game-breaking.

Just like with The Isle of Armor, The Crown Tundra is bringing a new legendary Pokemon to the game. It is a psychic grass type called Calyrex. This new legendary has the head of a deer, round body, and green spheres around its neck. It walks on two legs instead of four and is definitely interesting to look at. It only has one evolution that we know of.

So what is the player’s goal in The Crown Tundra? Well, it’s to explore this strange land and discover its secrets. The player is going to be chosen to lead an expedition through this new mountainous area. What we know so far, is that there is a temple based off the Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Regigigas legendary Pokemon.

There is also a mysterious tree to be found where it does not belong. That is the only thing revealed about it, which is seriously ramping up my curiosity. I’m sure the devs will not reveal everything, because they certainly held a lot of things hidden in Sword and Shield even after it released.

Going along with this theme of exploration, there will be a brand new online feature. Before getting into this, I want to mention something. When Sword and Shield released, data miners went through all the game files and posted their findings. Something interesting they found was the Explorer Kit, an item from Diamond and Pearl. This is what made many people think Diamond and Pearl remakes were next. The Explorer Kit is what lets you go into tunnels to make a secret base, mine through rocks, and explore with friends. Now it seems that the real reason the Explorer Kit is in the game files is for the Crown Tundra DLC.

This feature from Diamond and Pearl was loved by many players, so it is a smart move to bring it back. In The Crown Tundra, players will be able to explore caves with their friends again. In the caves hide new den locations, and in these dens will be Dynamax, and possibly Gigantamax, legendary Pokemon.

Hopefully the other features of the Explorer Kit return from Diamond and Pearl too. It would be exciting to once again be able to dig for fossils and other treasures with friends.

After completing the story of The Crown Tundra, new battle challenges will unlock. We don’t know yet what they will be exactly; maybe it’s a return of the battle frontier, which had a lot of different challenges for players to compete in? Hopefully there will be battle challenges you will be able to face with friends. Something like doing double battles together in a battle tower style would be great. It is hard to say what Game Freak are cooking up for us, but looking at past content seems to be a good indicator of what’s in store.

Finally, like in The Isle of Armor DLC, there will be more customization options added to the game. Players will get even more clothes, bags, accessories, and hair styles; also a lot of fancy eye wear! Some of it reminds me of the admins from the Aether Foundation in Pokemon Sun and Moon. There is a lot of hiking gear themed clothing for this DLC to go with its exploration theme.

This will make a fine companion to The Isle of Armor. The Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor will be available to anyone who purchases the expansion pass for Sword and Shield. This goes without saying, but make sure you get the expansion pass that matches the game you own.

These DLCs paint a bright future for Sword and Shield. Game Freak said they will reveal more information later this month, and will make sure to continually update us. While you wait for news, check up on their website for updates and more concept art of the DLCs.

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