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If you have spent anytime on the Pokemon Sword and Shield ladder, you undoubtedly have run into Togekiss. In fact, it’s statistically likely that about every other team you face will have a Togekiss. According to Pokemon statistics site Pikalytics, it is currently the most popular Pokemon, with a usage rate of about 43% at the time of writing this Togekiss guide.

Why is it so popular? Togekiss’s biggest selling point is the redirection move Follow Me. There are very few other redirectors in the game, and Togekiss is the tankiest of them all. On top of that, Togekiss can be run as either an all out damage dealer, a support, or a hybrid of the two. With flexibility like that, it can easily fit into just about any team and do work.

This Togekiss guide will show you how to take advantage of this flexibility for your own team.

Togekiss Guide

All Out Offense

  • Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Air Slash, Follow Me, Protect
  • Item: Scope Lens or Weakness Policy
  • Ability: Super Luck
  • EVs: 4 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed
  • Nature: Timid

This is a pretty standard set for a Togekiss going on the offensive. Despite the fact that this is not a support Togekiss, it still is a good idea to carry Follow Me. Virtually every Togekiss in competitive play runs Follow Me. Even on a damage oriented build, the utility it provides is too good to give up. Dazzling Gleam and Air Slash are the strongest Fairy and Flying type moves it gets respectively. There is also an argument for running either Heat Wave or Flamethrower if your team lacks Fire coverage.

The combination of Scope Lens and Super Luck gives Togekiss an insane 50% chance to land a critical hit. Along with increased damage, crits also bypass defense boosts on the opponent and offensive debuffs on Togekiss. This is particularly relevant with the popularity of Gigantamax Lapras. Togekiss has a good chance to bypass the damage reduction Lapras’s team gets from G-Max Resonance.

Weakness Policy can give a huge offensive boost, but I would only recommend this item if you are planning on Dynamaxing Togekiss. Without any defensive investment, it can struggle to take a super effective hit and make use of the Weakness Policy boost. 

The ability Serene Grace is usable in conjunction with Air Slash to fish for flinches. Just keep in mind that Dynamax Pokemon are immune to flinching. Hustle is just not a good ability on Togekiss by any stretch. Super Luck and Serene Grace outclass it a hundred fold. 

The EV distribution and Nature allow Togekiss to hit as hard and fast as it can. A Timid nature is generally preferred since Togekiss has a mediocre base speed stat of 80. While not bad, it certainly can use any buff it can take. Even though no EVs are used in defenses, Togekiss still has some decent natural bulk. This is augmented even further if it’s Dynamaxed. Of all the sets in this Togekiss Pokemon Sword and Shield guide, this one is the most popular in competitive play.

Togekiss Guide


  • Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Follow Me, Flamethrower, Yawn
  • Item: Babiri Berry
  • Ability: Super Luck
  • EVs: 244 HP, 44 Defense, 156 Special Attack, 4 Special Defense, 60 Speed 
  • Nature: Modest

This is a hybrid build used by pro player Sejun Park. Admittedly, it is a bit older and some of the stats were optimized for use in Sejun’s team specifically. However, a spread like this is a good place to start. Remember that hybrid builds have a lot of room for flexibility depending on what your team needs.

As previously discussed, Follow Me is indispensable on Togekiss, so it is present on this build as well. Yawn inflicts Sleep, one of the most debilitating status conditions. This is especially true if you can use it to waste your opponent’s limited Dynamax turns. Dazzling Gleam and Flamethrower gives Togekiss good offensive presence. With the investment in the special attack stat, Togekiss is able to usually one-shot Ferrothorn and is guaranteed a one-shot on Dynamax Durant with Flamethrower. Heat Wave could easily replace Flamethrower if you prefer some spread damage.

Babiri Berry and these EVs allows Togekiss to survive Max Steelspike from a Life Orb boosted Excadrill, and Max Lightning from the Rotoms. It even gives it a good chance to survive Max Steelspike from a Life Orb Durant. The 60 Speed is there to outspeed Rotoms with a slow build.

If you aren’t afraid of your Togekiss taking Steel attacks, you could swap out the Babiri Berry for either Weakness Policy or Scope Lens. With the defensive investment, this Togekiss has a shot at making use of boosts from Weakness Policy even without Dynamaxing. However, Scope Lens is usually more reliable for damage.

Since this build doesn’t use Air Slash, there is little reason to use Serene Grace. Even with Air Slash, this slower Togekiss is much less likely to flinch it’s target.

Togekiss Guide

Full Support

  • Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Follow Me, Yawn, Helping Hand
  • Item: Babiri Berry
  • Ability: Super Luck
  • EVs: 244 HP, 252 Defense, 12 Special Defense
  • Nature: Bold

This Togekiss is incredibly tanky and can be a real annoyance to take out. This allows it to take multiple hits with Follow Me and free up its partner. 

Even though there is no offensive investment in this Togekiss, Dazzling Gleam is important to allow it to deal some damage. Togekiss has a naturally good special attack stat anyway, so it can still put some hurt on opponents. Yawn is incredible for putting Pokemon to sleep, and Helping Hand can give Togekiss’s partner the extra boost it needs to guarantee a knockout.

Defense is heavily invested in because Togekiss already has naturally high Special Defense. On top of that, most threats to Togekiss tend to be physical attackers. These stats combined with Babiri Berry allows it to survive any Steel type attack. Not even Durant’s Max Steelspike is going to one-shot this Togekiss.

And that’s it for this Togekiss guide. Remember that these are general guidelines for how to build a Togekiss. The beauty of Pokemon is you can custom fit each member of your team to meet your needs. Hopefully this can serve as a starting point to help discover the Togekiss that’s just right for you. To find other members for your team, check out our guide on Prankster Pokemon.

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