Top 5 support Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX support Pokemon can be vital to your team. They can help remove status conditions, restore HP, and buff your team. All of this is extremely valuable, especially in long dungeons where you can easily run out of items. To help you find the perfect support Pokemon, I made a list of the top 5 for you to try out!

1. Vileplume

The reason I put Vileplume at number one is because of how easy it is to recruit, and because it has great base stats and access to nice moves. You will want to have at least Moonlight and Aromatherapy so you can restore HP and remove status conditions.

You can also run Sunny Day if you want to rewrite the weather, or have Pokemon that benefit from it. Besides these supporting moves Vileplume also has access to Petal Blizzard, which hits the entire room. This increases the value of Vileplume even more, as no other support Pokemon have moves that hit the entire room, except for Smeargle.

vileplume Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Support Pokemon

So how can you recruit yourself a Vileplume? The easiest way is to recruit Oddish and then evolve it into Vileplume. Just be aware that in order to evolve Pokemon you must beat the main story line first. Having at least an Oddish will help you as it can learn Moonlight, but cannot learn Aromatherapy.

You can find Oddish in Oddity Cave, Wyvern Hill, and Sinister Woods if you have not beat the main storyline yet. If you have, then you can look for it in Remains Island, Marvelous Sea, and Fantasy Strait. These dungeons will have Oddish at higher levels than the previous ones since they are end-game dungeons.

2. Smeargle

Smeargle is the perfect support Pokemon for all your needs, however you cannot get one until you beat the main storyline. In order to get Smeargle you can do a side quest after beating the game and fighting Kyogre. To activate this quest make sure to check the bulletin board every day, and one day you will find a request from Smeargle to save him from the Howling Forest. Afterwards Smeargle will join your team.

If you want to recruit more Smeargle they can be found in Western Cave, which you cannot access until you beat Ho-oh in Mt. Faraway.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Support Pokemon Smeargle

The reason Smeargle is so good as a support Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is because it can learn any move in the game with its move Sketch. You will need to have a Pokemon on your team with the moves you want to copy: just bring Smeargle and the Pokemon with the move into a dungeon. Lets say you want to copy Moonlight. Once in the dungeon use Moonlight, then go to Smeargle and target the Pokemon that used it. Use Sketch and there you have it, Smeargle now has Moonlight.

You will have to go to Gulpin and make Smeargle remember the move Sketch. So it is a lengthy process to get all four moves you want on Smeargle but it is worth it. Smeargle can have a mix of supporting moves and offensive moves. A good moveset is Moonlight, Aromatherapy, Heat Wave, and Earth Power. If you would rather have some weather changing moves, feel free to add those too.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Support Pokemon smeargle 2

3. Espeon/Umbreon

I put Espeon and Umbreon at number three since they both evolve from Eevee and have the same utility. These two have good stats, but are much harder to recruit due to their rarity. Espeon can only be recruited after you beat the main storyline. It is a strong foe in the Remains Island dungeon which unlocks after you beat the game. The second dungeon Espeon spawns in is Murky Cave, which you do not get access to until you take Gengar to Mt. Silver in the end-game storyline.

As for Umbreon, recruiting this Pokemon is all luck. It has a random chance to spawn in dungeons as a fainted Pokemon, and you would just have to give it an apple to recruit it. The only other way to get Umbreon is through Mystery Houses, but this is also very rare.

Maybe you are wondering about recruiting Eevee instead? Well, you cannot get Eevee until after you beat the main storyline too. Eevee is only found in the Joyous Tower dungeon.

These two Pokemon have access to all the basic support moves you need. Espeon learns Morning Light, while Umbreon learns Moonlight to restore your team’s HP. Both can learn Heal Bell to get rid of status conditions as well as Helping Hand to boost you team’s attack.

Other supporting moves include Reflect, Light Screen, and Sunny Day. Umbreon and Espeon do not learn any moves that can hit the entire room, so their damage is limited to single target moves.

4. Miltank

Miltank is another rare Pokemon that fills the support role well. You can only recruit Miltank by finding it as a knocked out Pokemon in dungeons or in Purity Forest. To access Purity Forest you have to beat the main storyline.

Miltank has access to a variety of supporting moves. Like the others on this list, it can heal with Milk Drink and removes status effects with Heal Bell. Miltank can also learn moves to start every type of weather except Hail, making it good on most weather teams. It also has access to Helping Hand to boost the team’s damage, or After You to make a slower teammate attack quicker.


Along with all these supporting moves, Miltank has access to some great damaging moves. Unfortunately it does not learn any moves that hit the entire room.

The best offensive move to run on Miltank is Rollout because this move can deal a ridiculous amount of damage, especially if you have the Rapid Bull’s Eye trait. This trait makes multi-hit moves never miss.

5. Blissey

Our final support Pokemon is Blissey, which has one of the highest HP stats in Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Blissey is another Pokemon you cannot recruit until you beat the main story. All of its evolutions can be found in the Joyous Tower dungeon, so feel free to recruit a Happiny or Chansey instead. Just be aware that it will cost 2-6 Evolution Crystals to evolve them.

Blissey can learn Soft-Boiled which is a team-wide AoE heal, and Heal Bell to cure status ailments. It also has access to other supporting moves such as Light Screen, Helping Hand, Skill Swap and Ally Switch. Surprisingly, Blissey can learn every type of weather setting move, making it perfect for any weather team.

Blissey’s offensive options are great too, as it can learn Blizzard and Earthquake which both hit all enemies in the room. Be careful with Earthquake, though – it hits your team as well, unless they are flying types or have the Levitate ability.

blissey pokemon mystery dungeon: rescue team dx

Those are the top 5 support Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. With all these options you can find the perfect Pokemon to meet your team’s needs. You can have sustain in long dungeons, and weather support for Pokemon with weather based abilities. Along with support, some can provide decent damage as well, being able to be more than just a bystander.

I hope this has helped you build your team and good luck in your dungeons! Stay tuned for more guides on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

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